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Sienna And The Married Man – Still Going Strong?

Despite rumors that Balthazar Getty was attempting to reconcile with his shamed wife Rosetta after cavorting with a topless Sienna Miller, it seems his torrid affair with the actress is still going strong. The casanova and his lady love were spotted at a Ralph’s in Malibu, California on Sunday. The Sun reports that Sienna waited in a car in the parking lot while Balthazar rode up and down on a pushbike.

When did Sienna Miller become a married man’s concubine hiding in a car in a parking lot? It was only four years ago that Sienna was a happy-go-lucky starlet co-starring with her super hot fiance Jude Law. Then Jude went and banged the babysitter, and it seems Sienna has never quite recovered.


Older Men And Younger Women: A Timeless Combination

With Linda Bollea breaking Hulk Hogan‘s heart and cavorting with some 19-year-old stud, it’s important for the older men of the world to remember that they too can enjoy the pleasures of young flesh (and without being all Michael Lohan about it). 32-year-old producer Mark Ronson is considerably younger than Bollea, but he and 19-year-old model Daisy Lowe are already talking about marriage after five months of dating—Bollea and her beau will be lucky to last that long. Ronson and Lowe have taken to calling each other “The One,” with Lowe claiming “he is a total lush, my best friend and I can’t face life without him.” It doesn’t get better than a teenager who enjoys your alcoholism, folks. Meanwhile, the blossoming relationship between 44-year-old comedian David Cross and 25-year-old actress Amber Tamblyn reaffirms that, if you’re famous and funny, young women will see past the balding, the greying beard and the crankiness, and let you in their traveling pants. Take heart, aging male hipsters. Take heart. [MyPark/Bauer-Griffin]

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