by (@JordanRuntagh)

Rihanna And Chris Brown Reportedly Make Out At New York Nightclub

So, it looks like it finally happened. After hearing all sorts of stories about Rihanna and Chris Brown partying solo in their respective cliques, eyewitnesses say that things were definitely heating up between the two former lovers on the floor of a New York club last night. Revelers at Griffin are telling Celebuzz that Brown and Riri were mackin’ it hardcore, “hugging and kissing, and going to the back of the club alone together.” Then again, this is less than a week after witnesses reported Brown hooking up with Nicole Scherzinger, also in a night club. Chris has sure been getting busy after hours!

Rihanna apparently showed up moments after Brown arrived with his pal Bow Wow in tow. Although they were placed at separate tables, the source says that Brown “climbed over the center to get to her.” That’s when Brown took it to Coyote Ugly country, apparently taking off his shirt and “dancing on the table for Rihanna.” Then the two took it out to the floor, where they reportedly (reportedly, you guys) kissed and grinded (ground?). The witnesses say that Chris left at nearly 4 AM, with Rihanna close behind.  No word on where his full time girlfriend Karrueche Tran was that night, but insiders say she definitely wasn’t at Griffin. Are pop’s most infamous on-again-off-again couple leaning more towards the “on” position these days?

[Photo: Getty Images]