Hope Solo


Abby Wambach, Hope Solo Warn World Not To Mess With Women’s Soccer

Abby Wambach
After the U.S. women’s soccer team beat Colombia 3-0 on Saturday, Team USA is one step closer to the victory many expect of them since their near miss at the World Cup last year. Competition is definitely heating up at the Summer Olympics as this soccer match took some serious toughness and sportsmanship¬†to win. U.S. star Abby Wambach was sucker-punched in the face by her Colombian opponent Lady Andrade. Showing the aftermath of this violent incident, Wambach tweeted a pic of her swollen, black eye with the caption, “Thanks for all the well wishes. Eye is healing fine. #reversesmokeyeye #notcool.”

We have all been pretty impressed with how Wambach has handled this dirty play. After being punched, she lay on the ground wincing in pain with a surprised face that said, “What the…?” But instead of retaliating, Wambach continued to play and not respond to Andrade’s alleged taunting. She channeled her anger and frustration into¬†unstoppable motivation to beat the Colombian team. In the second half, Wambach scored a goal, breaking the U.S. women’s soccer record for scoring at the Olympics with a tally of six. Way to go, Abby!
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