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Jennifer Aniston Promotes Horrible Bosses With Hot Boyfriend In Tow

Jennifer Aniston went out of her fashion comfort zone at London’s Horrible Bosses premiere, wearing a beaded off-white dress with gorgeous white heels. Her outfits for the photocall and after party at Shoreditch House were typical Jen — sexy n’ short LBDs with her signature strappy black heels.

Jen’s boyfriend Justin Theroux accompanied the actress to the after party in a slimming black suit complete with skinny tie. We’re liking Jen getting in touch with her hipster side. She’s apparently bringing Justin along as she house hunts in Beverly Hills, where they visited Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s $60 million mansion, for sale since June.¬† Could he be the guy who actually gets her to settle down? Hey — if he convinced her to wear that white dress then, well, we’re sold on him!


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Jennifer Aniston Wears Yet Another LBD

Well, at least Jennifer Aniston has figured out her signature look. The Horrible Bosses star walked the red carpet at the premiere in Los Angeles last night wearing — what else? — a Little Black Dress. Up close it’s really quite beautiful with intricate beading and a sexy racerback cut. She paired it with her go-to strappy black heels and some simple, understated jewelry. She looks lovely, as always, it’s just…we want more. Some color! Some flair! Some pop! Is that too much to ask?

More pics of Jen posing below.

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Horrible Bosses Red Band Trailer: Even More Horrible Than You Imagined

These bosses are clearly not getting any better! The Horrible Bosses red band trailer is out, and if you were wondering how dark they were going to go with the film, the answer is: very. Between Jamie Foxx‘s character name reveals to surprise water sports to Charlie Day calling out Jennifer Aniston‘s character for being, well, a soulless sexual predator, the raunchier version makes the original Horrible Bosses trailer look like a walk in the park. Sure, it might have been a park crawling with monstrous people with awful combovers, but at least when you got home from the park no one had put down a tarp and peed on your loveseat. And that’s something, right?

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Jennifer Aniston Asks You To Open Up And Say ‘Ah’ For Horrible Bosses Trailer

We’re so used to Hollywood trying to sell us MTV Movie Award nominee Jennifer Aniston as the girl next door or career woman looking for love, we forgot about the roles that really let her shine: total creeps. Even Friends’ Rachel was more of a flinty jerk than anything Jen has touched on the big screen. As the Horrible Bosses trailer demonstrates, Aniston steals the show as a perverted dentist out to sexually harass the scrubs off her dental assistant. Co-starring with Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and It’s Always Sunny‘s Charlie Day, Jen joins Kevin Spacey and a comb over-ed Colin Farrell to form a group of bosses you would kill to get away from‚Ķliterally. Makes you think twice about getting all those wisdom teeth removed.