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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: The Top 15 Horror Villains We *Might* Want To Date

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Here at VH1, we watch movies almost exclusively for the eye candy. Sure, plot and character development and special effects are nice, but when we go to the movies, we go to stare at hot bods. The most iconic villains in horror films aren’t usually considered hotties, but we’re determined to find a few ladykillers amongst them. In honor of Halloween, we’re ranking the 15 hottest fictional serial killers (and ranking them in order of whom we’d most like to date).

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5 Reasons The Carrie Remake Is Starting To Sound Scary Good

Chloe Moretz Stars In Carrie RemakeWe’ve already started to fangirl out about the upcoming Carrie remake staring Chloe Moretz. With all these new details emerging about the movie…might as well go all the way, right? Squee! “I start that June 1st,” Moretz told ComingSoon about shooting the film. “…It’s going to be very well done. I don’t want to jinx it…” Hey, as long as there are gallons of pig’s blood involved, consider our tickets Fandango’ed! If you guys aren’t quite so convinced yet, here are five reasons we’re pretty sure the new Carrie will be crowned queen:

1) Julianne Moore is in talks to be cast as Carrie’s spooky mom Margaret White: Can you imagine another actress who’d be better at shouting about dirty pillows? Neither can we.

2) It takes place today: “It’s set in modern times, so it’s a lot different,”Chloe told ComingSoon.” We wouldn’t be surprised if that means they’ll be focusing more on the bullying aspect of the novel…

3) It’s going to have that Black Swan steez: “It’s darker and much more psychological. More Black Swan,” Moretz explained. “You’re really looking into her mind and it really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie.” Yup, the mother-daughter relationships are pretty similar between the two films. And pretty gross.

4) The director of the original Carrie Brian De Palma is besties with the director of the remake Kimberly Pierce. “De Palma’s movie is absolutely amazing,” Chloe told MTV at CinemaCon. “Kim is actually really good friends with De Palma, and they’re talking about the movie and they’re good friends, so we’re taking a lot of his notes.”

5) Chloe is going to make Carrie’s prom dress…herself…out of curtains: “One of my ideas for the character was to actually go and make my own dress, and I’m actually using my friend’s old drapes and making my own dress,” Moretz revealed to MTV. “And I’m going to sew it and everything, and I’m actually going to go out and wear it for a few weeks.” Wow, we are terrified at how excited we are for this movie. Just terrified.

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Elle Fanning’s Twixt Trailer Looks Scary Fun

As big fans of campy horror films like It or Evil Dead or Black Swan, we love a quality scary movie that still maintains a high level of delicious cheese. Luckily Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt trailer seems to have that perfect blend of creepy and kitschy.”What are vampires but witches that suck blood?,” Val Kilmer‘s disillusioned author Hal Baltimore muses. Yes! We are in.

Unveiled at Comic-Con last week, Twixt features true gems like Kilmer’s luxurious man-pony, Bruce Dern‘s bat-loving sheriff and Elle Fanning‘s hot pink ghost eyeshadow and hair chain. The fact that Fanning’s potentially vampirish character V looks like she’s straight out of the 1996 The Frighteners (starring one Mr. Michael J. Fox) only adds to the absurd atmosphere. And is that great American author Edgar Allen Poe lurking around the woods? Ahhhh, it’s like lowering ourselves into a giant vat of molten cheddar.

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Haley Joel Osment To See Even More Dead People In Frankenstein Film

He sees dead people! Only this time they’re all cobbled together and brought back to life for Haley Joel Osment’s Frankenstein movie Wake The Dead. The Sixth Sense star is slated to appear in the upcoming horror film as Victor Franklin (get it?), a college student who goes all mad scientist in his attempts to re-animate the deceased. So basically we’re looking at Weekend at Bernie’s 3: Freshman Year. Victor better pray that the varsity calypso band isn’t practicing down the hall from his lab, or that monster is out of there.

If that doesn’t sound spooky/random enough for you, for some reason Slash will be producing the film. It’s been a while since Haley’s last feature film, 2007’s Home of the Giants, though he has both Sassy Pants and Montana Amazon with Alison Brie slated to come out this year. Maybe Osment’s next film can following the horrifying tale of a boy who’s body ages, but who’s face remains in the pristine, doll-like state it was in when he was seven. It’ll be called The Haley Joel Osment Story.

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Emma Stone Or Elizabeth “Zombie” Bennet?

Her star riseth, both personally and professionally. We squeed ourselves into a tizzy yesterday when we heard reports of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating, because we love both of them in inordinate amounts. Apart from the awesome news of being part of a Spidery duo, she’s also heading to land of the undead (again). Emma’s been offered Elizabeth Bennet — the lead role in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies! Mr Darcy and Eliza fighting off zombies? Sign us up! And guess who’s producing the film? Natalie Portman‘s Handsomecharlie Films.

Apparently, Natalie and Scarlett Johansson were discussed as leads by director Craig Gillespie and Lionsgate. Looks like Emma’s previous zombie experience in Zombieland paid off! But who will be her Darcy?

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Rob Lowe Film Combines Our Love Of Butterfingers And Serial Killers

Nothing gets our mouth watering for chocolate and peanut-y goodness like crazed murderers. We aren’t even kidding! We sincerely love Fun Size Butterfingers more than life itself! Clocking in at 25 minutes and reportedly “the first-ever film produced not by a major studio or filmmaker, but by one of America’s iconic candy brands,” Rob Lowe’s Butterfinger horror film seems to scream “Don’t lay a severed finger on my Butterfinger.” No really, don’t. You’ll get blood all on it.

We understand why this mash-up project should have worked: we love candy, the idea of Rob Lowe as a director and slasher films. But much like if you put actual Butterfingers, Rob Lowe and a supernatural murderer into a blender, the resulting combination is probably going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Especially if you use Butterfingers BBs. Ew. Rob Lowe and horror movies? Yes. Rob Lowe and Butterfinger? We had a lucid dream about that once. Butterfinger and horror movies? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, we’ll get our hopes up for a sweeping Merchant Ivory romance directed by Emilio Estevez and funded by the good people at Nerds Rope.