Hot 97 Summer Jams Concert

by (@missmuttoo)

Ludacris Will Sing His Old Songs No Matter What


The organizers were trying to keep things tight at the Hot 97 Summer Jams concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium. They had a master plan to keep the show running on time. If any performer went over their allotted time limit… they’d simply turn off their microphones. Gucci Mane and Funk Master Flex both got switched off, and had to leave the stage. But Ludacris wasn’t having any of it.

They switched off his mic, but Luda kept on rapping regardless. A fan who was at the concert said, “He kept rapping a cappella when they cut off his juice. Finally, they decided to turn it back on. There really wasn’t any other choice, because he wasn’t getting off the stage.” Better luck next time mic-cutter peeps.

[Photo: Getty Images]