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Rachel McAdams’ 20 Hottest Looks: From Heartbreaking To Butt-Kicking And Back

Rachel McAdams just may be the queen of the rom-dram. As if anyone can forget the tear-jerking role she played in The Notebook, the stunning starlet is forcing us to grab some tissues again in her new movie, The Vow. It seems like it was just yesterday that Rachel popped up on the big screen as the ultimate bully in Mean Girls. Rachel’s days of miniskirts and matching pink pumps are long behind her now. The Canadian actress ditched her blond locks and became a brunette to kick ass in Sherlock Holmes, yet snagged a tame role as a sweet blonde alongside Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris. This girl sure knows how to change it up. Just in case Channing Tatum and his new arch-rival Scott Speedman aren’t enough to make you grab your ticket and popcorn for The Vow, here are Rachel McAdams’ 20 hottest looks:

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Britney Spears’ 30 Hottest Looks For Her 30th Birthday

We can’t believe it. We just can’t believe it. Britney Spears, the perpetual teen sensation, the girl burned into our brains as that sassy school girl who lit up TRL back in the day, the one who belted “Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman” is now very much a woman! That’s right, our beloved Britney turns the big 3-0 today. And she has packed enough into those three decades to last most people a lifetime. The iconic videos, the Mousketeers, the VMAs, the movies and of course the head-shaving; Britney has done it all, and in the process came to define pop culture for a generation. But let’s not forget all of the fabulous outfits she wore along the way! Sure she’s worn a few duds every now and again. But doesn’t everybody? So to celebrity Brit’s 30th birthday, we’ve compiled her 30 hottest, steamiest, sexiest looks of all time! Enjoy!

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Penn Badgley’s 25 Hottest Looks For His 25th Birthday

Penn Badgley embodies the tall-dark-and-handsome leading man of Hollywood yesteryear. Ever since appearing on our screens four years ago as the brooding Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, we knew big things were on the horizon for this dude. And sure enough, it’s true! He’s starring in this fall’s intense drama Margin Call along side Tinseltown bigwigs like Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons, plus he’s been tapped to play iconic musician Jeff Buckley in an upcoming biopic. But on top of having killer acting chops, Penn is also known for his razor-sharp style. Gossip Girl has one of the classiest television wardrobes this side of Mad Men, and naturally some of that steez rubbed off on its star. And today is his 25th birthday! So in honor of his quarter century on this planet, we’d like to take a look back at Penn’s 25 hottest red-carpet styles. Enjoy!


The FABLife

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In Time Star Amanda Seyfried’s 20 Hottest Looks

When we first met Amanda Seyfried, she was an utterly clueless but lovable Mean Girl. The rising star has since sang alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, paid the bills with rom-coms Dear John and Letters To Juliet, and revved Liam Neeson‘s engine in Chloe. Today, Seyfried ditches her trademark long blond hair and rocks a red wig, starring alongside Justin Timberlake in sci-fi thriller In Time. Whether she’s in character, on a red carpet or just walking her beloved dog, Finn, Seyfried’s always on point.

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Elizabeth Olsen’s 10 Most Fashionable Looks

Go back to your solid gold penthouse in your skyscraper made of diamonds, Mary-Kate and Ashley, because there’s a new Olsen sister in town! Although not as renowned as her billionaire twin sisters, Elizabeth Olsen has also been acting since she was a tot. She had bit parts in The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS series, as well as a small role in the instant classic, How The West Was Fun. But while the twins developed their skills in the public eye, Elizabeth has been quietly honing her acting craft with years of study. And now it’s about to pay off, as the 22-year-old makes her starring debut in Martha Marcy May Marlene, which opens wide today! The film follows the adventure of a young girl who flees into the mountains to escape an abusive cult, and we hear it’s a tour de force. File this girl under “One to Keep an Eye On,” guys.

Not only does she have the acting chops, but she also inherited her fashionista sisters’ sense of red-carpet style. In fact, Elizabeth might turn out to be the most talked-about Olsen yet. In honor of her film’s release, we’ve assembled her top ten most fashionable looks in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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The Style Evolution Of Katie Holmes

Who hasn’t been madly in love with Katie Holmes at some point in their lives? Ever since lighting up the small screen as Joey on Dawson’s Creek, Katie has staked a claim on the heart of our inner teenager and never given it up. She remains the ultimate girl next door, even though she’s currently married to the creepy boy next door who won’t shut up about aliens. We’ve watched her go from cute apple-cheeked creek dweller, to willowy brunette bombshell and Hollywood A-lister. In honor of her staring role in Guillermo del Toro‘s latest horror flick Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, let’s take a trip down to Capeside and look back on her hottest looks. Enjoy!

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The Evolution Of Jessica Alba

It’s hard to imagine Hollywood without the uber hot Jessica Alba. Just try it. It would be a much less sexy place, we’ll tell you that much. She’s topped more Hot Lists than we haven’t. Getting her start as a child actress (guest spot in The Secret World of Alex Mac, anyone?), the alluring Alba first exploded onto the scene in the Dark Angel TVseries before going on to take over big screens and magazines across the country. And most amazing of all, today the lovely leading lady turns the tender age of thirty. Thirty? She did that all before thirty!?

In honor of her big day, let’s take a look back at some of her hottest styles. We think you’ll agree that she earned her Sexiest Woman In The World title!

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Anne Hathaway’s 20 Hottest Looks

When Anne Hathaway was picked out of obscurity to play the lead in The Princess Diaries in 2001, who could have guessed that she’d be joining that cute James Franco guy from Freaks & Geeks to host the Oscars only a decade later. The 28-year-old Catwoman-to-be is the youngest host in the history of the show (Goldie Hawn was in her thirties when she co-hosted in 1976), and judging from Anne’s rump shaking in that Oscar promo clip, she’s going to be goofy as well as gorgeous. Check out 20 of her hottest looks (Anne’s ruffled capri pants just missed the cut) in the gallery below—expect more amazing dresses when hits the stage Sunday!

20. Sexy Secret Agent

19. Divine Diva

18. Geometric Gem

17. Asymmetrical Awesome

16. Inspiring Indigo

15. Purple Perfection

14. Black and White and Glam All Over

13. Regal Image

12. Constellation Cutie

11. Bow Beauty

10. Beaded Wonder

9. Lady In Lace

8. Metallic Maven

7. Old Hollywood Elegance

6. Sparkling Stunner

5. Glam Goddess

4. Teasing Temptress

3. Golden Girl

2. Sequined Shine

1. Fairy Tale Flair

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Irina Shayk’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model is Irina Shayk…and we’re definitely stirred. This might be her first SI cover, but it’s hardly her first time catching our eye—the Russian girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo (they allegedly met while shooting Armani campaigns) has been appearing in the annual issue since 2007, and has already made quite an impression at red carpet events. Check out the gallery below for 20 of her hottest looks…so far.

1. The Swimsuit Issue

2. Smokey Eyed Sexy

3. Emerald Goddess

4. Bodacious In Bubblegum

5. GQ Gorgeous

6. Sheer Style

7. Scintillating Sequins

8. Silky Slit

9. Tight ‘n’ Teal

10. Bendy Babe

11. Sandy Stunner

12. Classic Black

13. Pretty with Ponytail

14. Cropped, Cut-Out Cutie

15. Smooching Models

16. Banded Body

17. Painted Pink

18. Tanning Toned

19. Cropped, Cut-Out Cutie 2

20. On Fire in Fur

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