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Who Is Your Favorite Fantasy Heroine? The Results Are Here!

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After presenting our own ranking of the top 10 fantasy heroines last week, we asked you guys to weigh in. And, by the Angel, you certainly did. We hadn’t even planned on making anything more of this, but as the voting wars heated up on our site and on Twitter, we thought we’d give your refresh finger a little break and declare an end to the poll today. So, did upstart Clary Fray take the title, or is Bella Swan Cullen still #1 in your heart? Or was it Katniss Everdeen who came from behind, fierce fighter that she is?
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New Catching Fire Set Photos Reveal 3 Reasons Sam Claflin Was The Right Pick For Finnick Odair

Sam Claflin Finnick Odair Costume

Do you find this…distracting? While Sam Claflin rocked a slender, almost feral steez for his role in Snow White And The Huntsman, we could not be happier with how his Finnick Odair look is shaping up on the Atlanta set of Catching Fire. We know there are few holdouts who would have drawn a different actor to play the Hunger Games tribute (For example, maybe Garrett Hedlund would have picked Garrett Hedlund, if he hadn’t been busy shooting On the Road.), but there are three important details at play that already affirm definitively (definitively to us, anyway) that Sam was the right pick for Finnick:

  1. Dat hair: you know we love Josh Hutcherson, but the new photos of his blond Peeta locks are over-the-top bleached. As for Sam’s Finnick do? Bronze-color hair, golden skin, sea-green eyes…yeah, we can see it. Well, not the eyes, obviously. We just have to trust that the costumer department didn’t go crazy with the colored contacts. Either way, Sam is working it out.
  2. The jackedness: Claflin is typically a slim, pale, vest-wearing kind of hottie (our preferred flavor), but set photos make it clear that he’s ready, willing and able to get appropriately huge for the role.
  3. Randomly blowing kisses to unseen (possibly nonexistent) cheering fans: that’s the Finnick swagger the character requires. Excuse his “natural beauty.”

Great, so…when are they shooting him in the golden fishnet toga thing? Maybe we’ll just rent a car and drive all night to find out ourselves! That’s cool, right Sam?

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Kristen Stewart Is “Totally Fine” With RPattz, Totally Cool With Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart at the Toronto Film Festival

Not only did Kristen Stewart get to enjoy the kudos surrounding On the Road during her visit to the Toronto Film Festival last week, she also had the chance to put two big rumors/fears to rest: 1) That the promotional tour for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is going to be really awkward, and 2) that she has an ongoing feud with Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

When asked about the potential weirdness of promoting Breaking Dawn with Robert Pattinson, she told The Associated Press, “We’re going to be fine. We’re totally fine.”

Then Stewart and Lawrence finally quashed rumors that spread this spring about a supposed rivalry between the 22-year-old actresses. They met in person for the first time while doing press at the Intercontinental Hotel. “People who saw them said they were geeking out about each other,” a source told Us Weekly. “Kristen and Jennifer told friends they had emailed in the past but had never seen each other face to face. They’re big fans of each other.”
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E. Roger Mitchell Is Chaff In Your Catching Fire Casting Announcement Of The Day

E Roger Mitchell Cast In Catching Fire

Lionsgate announced today that actor E. Roger Mitchell has joined the Catching Fire cast as District 11 tribute Chaff. So give him a hand, ladies and gentlemen! No, seriously, the man needs a hand. He refused to accept a prosthetic one from Capitol doctors after his got lopped off during the 45th Hunger Games.

While observant fans might already know Mitchell from One Tree Hill, The Crazies, The Shield or Diary of a Mad Black Woman, future fans will know him from sneaking a kiss from Katniss, then laughing about it like a maniac with Woody Harrelson. On a related note, we’re kind of into Lionsgate’s slow trickle of casting announcements. At first it bothered us, but now we realize it gives us time to get to know each of the new cast members. Plus this way we have just enough time to carve their faces onto these hand-made Hunger Games figurines we whittled!  That’s how we feel today, anyway. Check in next week when we still don’t know who plays Finnick and see if we’re feeling so charitable. No…you’re right, you’re right. We’ll try to remember to look at a photo of Philip Seymour Hoffman when we get upset. Ah…there we go.

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Alan Ritchson Cast As Gloss In Catching Fire. Yeah, We Initially Read That As Alan Rickman Too.

Alan Ritchson Cast In Catching Fire

Before you start hyperventilating into a bag and unlocking your vault of Severus Snape fan fic, read that headline again. It’s Alan Ritchson who has been cast in Catching Fire, not Alan Rickman. We know; our brains played the same trick. While we would have loved to see Hans Gruber slouch around the Quarter Quells alongside Enobaria and Brutus, we’re sure Mr. Ritchson will do an equally good job. According to IMDB, the guy appeared on American Idol in 2004 and was already playing Aquaman on Smallville by 2005, so you know he’s almost certainly got the goods.

Of course, the man who will be a District 1 career tribute come next November has also played “Expired Cow” on Fred: The Show and the male lead in the upcoming Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night, so who knows where his strengths lie exactly. Either way, we happily welcome the Blue Mountain State actor to the Catching Fire cast alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amanda Plummer and Lynne Cohen. We’re sure he’ll do a killer job. You know, as his character will be killing people. This is for the best. Would you really want to see *spoiler alert* Alan Rickman getting shot through the temple? There’s no right way to answer that question, is there?

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Why Think Like A Man Was A Surprise Success at the Box Office

What do you know? It took rom-com Think Like a Man to knock Hunger Games off its four week throne. Based on Steve Harvey’s New York Times best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the film far surpassed its $17 million projections and raked in $33 million opening weekend, topping The Lucky One and Hunger Games respectively. The never-ending quest for love is real.

Although rom-coms are popular in the sense that many of them become household names, they aren’t always respected. Yet we can’t resist the good and the awfully bad love movies that make us laugh and say, “Awwww. How cute.” But who would have thought a dating movie with a predominantly black cast would be the one to give Hunger Games a run for its money? Here are five reasons Think Like a Man knocked it out of the park.

1. Oprah co-signed the book.

If Mother Oprah puts her name to anything (except her OWN Network, of course), it’s a hit. Being on Oprah’s show opened Harvey up to a whole new demographic. With that one nod from the Queen herself, the success of the book and its adaptation was inevitable.

2. Women love dating advice, even when it comes from questionable sources.

According to the L.A. Times, “Moviegoers who saw Think Like a Man — a largely female crowd, 62 percent of whom were 30 or older — loved the film, assigning it an average grade of A, according to market research firm CinemaScore.” Of course women flocked to theaters in droves: There’s a certain fascination with listening to advice doled out by men on to find love, which is why self-help relationship books are one of the top selling genres. Tell a woman sexist advice on how to get and keep a man, even if you’ve been married three times yourself, cha-ching!

3. The cast transcends the story.
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Josh Hutcherson: Gary Ross Is The “Only One” Who Can Do Hunger Games Sequels

First Hunger Games director Gary Ross wasn’t going to direct the film’s two sequels; now he might be back on board…maybe? While Ross’s fate is still unclear, at least one person is dead set on having him return for Catching Fire. “I think Gary’s the man,” Josh Hutcherson proclaimed at an L.A. press day for his upcoming horror comedy Detention. “Gary is in my mind is the only one that could ever direct the second one. That’s what I’m sticking to.” Good call, Josh! Plus if Gary does return for the sequels, you won’t be punished with the smallest trailer and an added tracker jacker attack sequence. Smart thinking!

As for who Josh would not want behind the camera, Detention director Joseph Kahn seems to have made the list. “I think it would be a very different movie than the first movie if Joseph directed the second Hunger Games,” Hutcherson claimed. “It would be crazy.” Hmm, but can you imagine those muttations in the hand of a crazy director…? What do you think, HG fans? Is it Ross or bust? Did you love Gary’s vision so much, you’d “eat the berries,” so to speak, if he left the franchise? And by “eat the berries,” we mean wait to see Catching Fire on DVD?

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Hunger Games Book Club Week 4: The 5 Biggest WTF Moments From Inside The Arena

We’re back with an all new installment  for Book Club. This week we are covering the first few days inside the Hunger Games arena (Chapters 12-13), and all the “holy s**t!” things that go down. Let the recap begin.

1. Peeta and the Careers! No, it’s not a name of a new Hunger Games cover band (but seriously though — let’s make that happen). Peeta has teamed up with the clique of career tributes and seems to be revealing himself as a scam artist. Not only does his alliance betray Katniss’ opinion of him, it goes against what is kosher in District 12, too. “No one from District 12 would think of doing such a thing…And Peeta has the gall to talk to me about disgrace?” (Page 161-162) Oh, why does the boy with the bread have to be so complicated? (Asked in our best Avril Lavigne voice.)

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Hunger Games Casts Final Tributes

As of today, the last of the Hunger Games tributes have been chosen…to fight ’til the death! Rounding out the cast as District 2 tributes Cato and Clove is Race to Witch Mountain‘s Alexander Ludwig and Orphan‘s Isabelle Fuhrman. Anyone who remembers Fuhrman as Esther from the 2009 horror film knows you do not want to be locked in a grusome battle with her. With the addition of Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy, it looks like it’s almost time to let the games begin! Check out your Hunger Games cast, as it stands so far, in the gallery.

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Stanley Tucci Joins Hunger Games Cast

The many roles of Stanley Tucci have been getting steadily more and more fabulous since his turn in 2005’s The Devil Wears Prada: fabulous gay sidekick Sean in Burlesque, an over-the-top mad scientist in Captain America, the senator in Space Chimps. Now there’s news that Stanley Tucci joins Hunger Games as Caesar Flickerman, a tubby Kathie Lee Gifford-esque media personality with powder-blue hair that interviews Katniss and her fellow warriors before the games begin. It’s the role Stanley was born to play! Academy Award-nominee Tucci will go wig-to-wig with Elizabeth Banks, Wes Bentley and the rest of the Hunger Games cast as the journalist who interviews Katniss and the other warriors prior to their death-defying matches. The only way his character could possibly get any more amazing would be if Flickerman, oh we don’t know, wore an insane light bulb suit and a full face of monochromatic make-up. Oh, he does do that? You’re going to have a tough time topping this one, Stanley.

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