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Coco And Coco’s Butt Debut Their Vegas Double Act With Peepshow

Coco makes her debut in Las Vegas review Peepshow

Coco has been giving us a peep show on her Twitter feed for years, so it made a lot of sense that the folks behind the Las Vegas burlesque show of the same name would want to partner up! Ice-T’s uber-voluptuous wife made her Peepshow debut last night at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, donning barely-there nude lingerie and wielding a huge pink feather boa. She looked right at home on the stage, but amazingly, Coco had her doubts about the whole undertaking. “I never even thought about it,” she told “First of all, I don’t have the body.” We’re gonna stop you right there Mrs. T and respectfully disagree. Coco nervous about treading the boards of a topless Vegas stage review? That’s like Michael Phelps being scared to play Marco Polo in a kiddie pool!

“I’m short, and I’m kind of stocky,” the Ice Loves Coco star continued, proving that literally everyone has insecurities. “I would think, that will never happen. I always discussed it in dance class when I was nine years old. You know dancers, when you’re that age, you’re always trying to get to Vegas, that’s the level you want to get to, but even though I talked about it I never thought I was really going to be there someday.” You lived your dreams, Coco! Someone cue “A Moment Like This.” She’s taking over the role of Bo Peep, formerly played by Girl Next Door  Holly Madison since July 2009. “It’s an exhilarating feeling to be practically naked, but you know I was just hoping that people would like my body. I’ve been working out really hard lately.” Head on down to the gallery below and see how her work paid off, and also take a look at some more lovely ladies who’ve appeared in the show!

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Wanna See Coco Hit A TV Host Repeatedly With Her Butt? OK!

After the comedown from a weekend filled with Mad Men and Hunger Games premieres, this Monday was starting to look pretty bleak. But then, like a gift from the entertainment heavens, came this clip of Ice-T’s wife Coco whacking TV host Andy Cohen with her butt. Oh joyous day! The model and star of Ice Loves Coco appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live to discuss the supreme court ruling on healthcare. Just kidding, she was there to talk about her butt. And of course she also tried to tell it apart from pictures of her boobs (it’s harder than it sounds).

But don’t think the interview was just an excuse for gratuitous booty shots. We learned some vital facts about Coco, too! When Andy asked her what part of her body she was most shy about, she responded as only Coco can. “I don’t have a shy part. No, I’m an exhibitionist!” Ya think? She also admitted that the craziest place she’s ever had sex was in the car…while Ice was driving. Maybe that’s why Ice got pulled over the other day? Hmmm…

Click below to see the full clip in all its bootyful glory!

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