Independence Day 2 & 3

by (@hallekiefer)

Independence Day 2 And 3 Are On The Way; Will Smith Isn’t So Sure About That

Today we celebrate our Independence Day … sequels! Will Smith’s rap career is already cycling back around, so why shouldn’t the movie that made him an international superstar? Vulture reports that Fox has decided to move forward with Independence Day 2 and 3, both follow-ups to the 1996 sci-fi hit, even though Will Smith hasn’t technically signed on to star in them yet. OK, forget about Big Willie for a second: What about Jeff Goldblum? We need our Goldblum! You already know Bill Pullman is in. He’s just been biding his time for this exact moment and waiting … always waiting.

Smith worked most recently on Men in Black III, and has yet to commit to his next film. However, Fox Studios allegedly balked at his combined $50 million dollar pay check, as well as some of Will’s … artistic choices. “It’s complicated because of where and how [Smith] wants to shoot; he wants to be close to home, to the kids,” their source explains. “There’s also been talks about him wanting to include Jada [Pinkett Smith] and maybe even Willow [Smith] in the movie, too.” Sign. Us. Up. If world-wide hair whipping can’t subdue those extraterrestrials, then nothing will.

[Photo: Splash News Online]