Inside Llewyn Davis

by (@hallekiefer)

Justin Timberlake Is Looking Hipster Hot On The Set Of Inside Llewyn Davis

Justin Timberlake, how do we put this politely? Humina humina humina! Boi-oi-oi-oooooing! Hubba hubba! JT is looking all sorts of hot on the set of Inside Llewyn Davis, the new film he’s currently shooting in New York with Carey Mulligan. Okay, so maybe we have a type, but we challenge you to argue that Justin isn’t looking his best with that beard, those glasses and that guitar. This is exactly how we felt when Beyonce got Bettie Page bangs for her “Videophone” video: if you know you can look that smoking hot, why would you ever consider going back? At least keep the hoodie, Justin! Please!

We’d also be interested to know what Amanda Seyfried thought of these pics. “I was obsessed with *NYSNC. Who wasn’t?!” Justin’s In Time costar admitted to Conan O’Brien last night. However, reveals Amanda, “[Justin] wasn’t my favorite — I didn’t even find him attractive in fact!” The Lovelace star’s boy band crush was actually JC Chasez. Yeah, he never really did it for us personally. Give him a mustache, flannel shirt and a Moleskine, however, and we can definitely talk.

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