Inside The Actor’s Studio

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James Franco Went On A Job With A Gay Gigolo “To Prepare For A Role.” Sure It Was.

We know that James Franco’s gay prostitute story is only going to fuel rumors that our future husband is gay, but lordy, how we don’t care right now. While on Inside the Actor’s Studio this week, Franco explained that he was hanging out with a gigolo named Sonny to prepare for a role and, well, “He took me on one of his jobs.” We didn’t even have to turn that into a double entendre to make it filthy! Our favorite part of the video is when James Lipton screams, “We certainly do!” as he encourages Franco to tell the story. In that one moment, James Lipton represented the America public: one classy, bespectacled voice screaming for all.

Said a bashful James, “So I did…and it went down. Everything went down like you see in the movies.” Not only is James Franco intensely dedicated to his craft, but we both like the same movies! So, just to recap: James Franco watched a gay prostitute have sex with a client, and then talked about it on Inside the Actor’s Studio. We don’t know which part is making our brain explode more. Okay, yeah we do: it’s the gay sex part.

by (@hallekiefer)

James Franco Got His Bad Boy Start Stealing Bottles Of Cologne


It turns out James Franco wasn’t born with many leather-bound books and an apartment smelling like rich mahogany, like we had believed. While appearing on a new episode Inside The Actor’s Studio, James Franco admitted to getting up to some trouble as a tween. Or to put it another way, Franco owned and operated the black market at his middle school. “I guess my life of crime started by stealing cologne,” Franco explains, which undoubtedly made host James Lipton’s beard pop right off his skull. Only Franco could make filching things from the mall seem seem sexy. It started with cologne, now he’s stealing hearts, movie roles, your girlfriend and/or boyfriend…

Says the 127 Hours actor, “We’d keep them [cologne sample bottles] in the locker, in our gym locker at school and we’d sell some from the lockers.” Franco also discusses also working at a McDonald’s after dropping out of college his first time around, where at “the drive-through window…I would practice accents.” See, maybe the guy who sold stuff out of his gym locker and worked at McDonald’s from your junior high will turn out to be a Golden Globe winner! But almost certainly he won’t. [Photo: Getty Images]


Famous Thespian Sean Combs Appears On Inside The Actor’s Studio

One of our favorite moments in all of 2009 came when we laid eyes on this video of Sean Combs selling his wares on the Home Shopping Network. “Wow!” we thought. “It doesn’t get much lower than this!” Only, people, it has gotten way better than that. Because tonight, the artist formerly known as Diddy will appear on the once-revered, now-train-wrecky show, Inside The Actor’s Studio. (Which coincidentally airs on the once-revered, now train-wrecky network, Bravo.)

We can’t decide what’s more amazing in this clip, how proud Combs is to create such memorable characters (such as the “tri-polar” record executive he plays in the upcoming Get Him To The Greek) or how far up Combs’ a** host James Lipton manages to crawl to praise him. Lipton also says that Combs’ appearance in the Actor’s Studio is “one of the most remarkable in the sixteen-year history of the series.” We’ll be sure to pass that note along to Meryl Streep and Al Pacino.