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by (@hallekiefer)

Courtney Stodden’s Floor Flashing: The New Planking?

Courtney Stodden is in your meme, making you flash! The (extremely young) woman knows what she wants, and Courtney Stodden wants you to send her photos of your sexiest ground-centric poses. “Come get down & dirty w/me while we floor flash together! I showed you mine… now show me yours. I’ll RT the hottest!” Stodden tweeted, along with an inspiration photo. Stodden didn’t mention sprawling out by the fridge when describing her “princess life,” with husband Dough Hutchison but it’s there if you read between the lines. FABlifer Halle Kiefer (that’s me!) tried to get onboard Courtney’s flash train, but somehow there must be other, more sexy photos out there. If your mind can conceive of it. We’re not giving up hope yet, though. We sucked at planking at first too! Our natural instinct is to bend!

[Photo: Courtney Stodden’s Twitter]

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by (@katespencer)

Balloon Boy Vomits On “The Today Show”

A shout out to Balloon Boy Falcon Henne, who has perfectly summed up how we feel about this balloon hoopla in one fell puke. Surely you know the story: a boy climbed into his crazy Wife Swappin’ dad’s storm chasing balloon except he didn’t he was in the attic and CNN anchors had a orgasm live on national TV watching the balloon fly through the sky and come crashing down while the military and cops scrambled to help until they all realized there was no one in there and while that was going on the entire web was Twittering the whole thing and turning it into the biggest meme of 2009 and hey, the whole thing might be a hoax!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the kid thenĀ  went on CNN with his family, farted, and admitted to Wolf Blitzer that the whole thing was “for a show.” Yeah, that all makes us want to puke too, Falcon.

We could go into all the nitty-gritty deets from yesterday’s balloon debacle and today’s awkward aftermath, but frankly we’re burnt out on the craziness of it all and will happy let the rest of the web do it for us:

View photos of Balloon Boy Falcon Henne below.

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