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Jodie Foster Weeps For Mel Gibson’s “Lifetime Of Pain”

Most people in Hollywood haven’t stood behind delicate flower Mel Gibson (mostly for fear that he’ll whip around and punch them), which makes it even stranger to hear Jodie Foster say she loves Mel Gibson in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive, he really is,” Foster says of Gibson, who was charged with misdemeanor battery last week. “He is the most loved actor I have ever worked with on a movie. And he’s not saintly, and he’s got a big mouth, and he’ll do gross things your nephew would do. But I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life.” Gross things our nephew would do? Foster must have some pretty intense relatives if she’s comparing Mel to a teenage troublemaker.

Having directed Gibson in the upcoming The Beaver, Foster sees the actor with rose-colored glasses that no one else on the planet has access too. “God, I love that man,” Jodie says, growing misty-eyed. “The performance he gave in this movie, I will always be grateful for. He brought a lifetime of pain to the character that we’ve been talking about for years, that I knew was part of his psyche and who he is. It’s part of him that is beautiful and that I want people to know, too. I can’t ever regret that.” What could be more beautiful and cause someone more pain than being a famous person who assaults his girlfriend and calls Jewish people “oven-dodgers”? Mel’s like a sonnet in human form! As if Jodie doesn’t already seem totally disconnected from reality, she also likens the drama around Gibson…to the  media debacle surrounding the attempted assassination of President Reagan, which was done for Foster’s benefit. Look, Jodie, if we all agree to still see your movie despite Gibson’s prominent role, would you please stop talking like you’ve lost your mind. Oh really? Great! We assumed so.

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Eva Longoria Talks About Her Sad Divorce, Awesome Life In Allure

Look, we’re completely sympathetic to Eva Longoria feeling down about her marriage ending, but a large part of us just wants to shake her and scream, “You’re still a beautiful A-lister, woman!” That thought came to mind because while Longoria talks about her divorce from Tony Parker in the new issue of Allure, she also throws out a few incidentals that confirm that yes, her life is still 10,000 times more amazing than yours. “It’s been—every time I talk about it, I want to cry. It’s been hard. Very hard. I’m just trying to get through it as gracefully as possible without any drama,” Eva says about her divorce. Think of it this way, Eva: you escaped a marriage to someone who allegedly cheated on you with your karaoke buddy. Two sides to every coin!

Now, Longoria lives in a house with two of her closest friends; “We always say that my house is the female Entourage,” she laughs. Eva can also return to her first love, vibrators, which she raved about in a past interview. “That was, like, seven years ago—premarriage. It’s hard for me to censor myself, because I like to be honest and free and say exactly what I’m thinking or feeling. Unfortunately, so many things are taken out of context, and [now] I’m a little more cautious about what I say,” Eva explains. Time to let your vibrator flag fly free! So you lost a pro-ball player; you’re still dating Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo Cruz. Overall, you have it pretty sweet.

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Lindsay Talks Recovery, Being Uninsurable In New Interview

Now that Charlie Sheen has taken over as the biggest train wreck west of the Rockies, Lindsay seems to be slowly getting more and more rational, despite her legal troubles. In a new interview with Extra!, Lohan describes being in recovery. “I feel great,” Lindsay explained. “There’s gonna be a lot of steps that I have to go through to kind of prove myself again and get the trust from the people that I respect to work with. But I’m to do what I have to do to get there, because that’s my passion.” Could it be that there’s only a certain amount of crazy in the world and Sheen is currently using it up? Lindsay is sounding down-right stable.

Lohan also admits that she doesn’t expect filmmakers to hire her anytime soon. How reasonable! “I think that will be something I’ll be able to say when I’ve taken the steps that I need to take to prove I can be insurable again,” Lohan replied when asked what actors she hopes to work with in the future. “I think that will come in time when I’ll even be in the position to say that. Because I don’t think I am right now.” Wow, and she’s not even claiming to be a Vatican assassin or threatening that her enemies’ bones will melt like wax!?!? Not only that, but new rumors claim the jewelry store security tape shows Lohan wearing the necklace while talking to the owner, a revelation which might support Lindsay’s claim that she had borrowed the necklace. Wow, next thing you know Lindsay’s going to be stone-cold sober and starring in a new sitcom.  Actually, we heard about an opening in a very popular show that might be available. Would you mind Jon Cryer constantly rolling his eyes at you while a chubby tween calls you “Uncle Charlie”?

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Jennifer Aniston Cures Perez Hilton Of His Bullying Ways

Looks like Hollywood has Jennifer Aniston to thank for a marked decrease in photos defaced by fake splooge or stick-figure fetuses. According to her new interview on Ellen, Jennifer Aniston stopped Perez Hilton‘s bullying ways. “I ran into Perez Hilton in a garage. I had finished dinner with a girlfriend and we were driving out and I saw this tall, long, lean person and I say, ‘Who is that?’ And she says, ‘I think that’s Perez Hilton.’ I said, ‘No. I have to say something to him. I have to’,” the Just Go With It star explained. We can’t imagine what we’d do if we saw an enraged Jennifer Aniston sprinting towards us, but we imagine our first instinct would be to run out into traffic.

Says Jen, “It was a lovely meeting and I was just like, ‘Why are you so mean?’ There’s something really great about putting a human being in front of another human being and then the reality that those words, even if it’s for humor or effect or whatever, there’s a human being behind all of that…And he’s kept it up too which is good.” Perez credits his encounter with Aniston with helping him cut out the cruelty on his site, according to a different interview with Ellen DeGeneres this past October. “I still want to be sassy and critical, but I can do it without being mean or nasty,” Hilton explained. While Perez was surprised Aniston talked about their meeting, he agreed it was important to both of them. “I had not talked about meeting Jennifer Aniston out of respect for her and respect for the situation. It was actually a very powerful moment, I think for both of us,” he admits. Looks like Jen has a lot more parking garages to visit before she wipes meanness off the face of the planet. It’s too bad we don’t drive…

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George Clooney Contracts Malaria While Visiting Sudan

We might not be qualified to practice medicine in anyway, but we have access to at least three kinds of thermometers and are eager to help, knowing that George Clooney contracted malaria in Sudan. Scheduled to be interviewed by Piers Morgan on the British journalist’s new show this Friday, the host revealed Clooney’s diagnosis in a promo tweet: “BREAKING NEWS: George Clooney has contracted malaria following recent trip to Sudan. Reveals news on @PiersTonight tomorrow 9PM ET.” We’d say this is the only thing that would make us keep our mitts off the silver fox, but we are we kidding? Clooney would have to be wearing a blanket made out of mosquitoes before we’d stop swooning long enough to care.

Clooney’s rep confirms the diagnosis, explaining “George is completely over the malaria he contracted while in the Sudan during the first week in January.” Clooney spent time in Africa this past December as part of his ongoing humanitarian effort in the region. Joked Morgan after his initial tweet, “Clooney malaria update: now have 24,563 offers to nurse him. But his rep says medication’s worked and he’s OK. Sorry, ladies.” Make it 24,564, and really, we were not joking about those thermometers.

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Michelle Williams: Nothing Can Fill Void Left By Heath’s Death

After initially pulling back her comments about Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams is opening up about the actor’s death more than ever, this time in the February issue of Marie Claire. “Obviously, for me and for [Matilda], there’s a hole in our life,” the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards-nominated actress explained. “Of course the natural inclination is to want to fill it and make it disappear, but what I’ve come to recently is that it’s impossible. Nothing will fit in that hole because what we want back we can’t get, which is this one person.” Even if it is extremely personal, we applaud Williams for opening up about Ledger. We don’t like the idea of a world without Heath either, and that’s based on his performance in 10 Things I Hate About You alone.

Not that Michelle is ready to indulge in any new romances at this point in her life. “My poor mom really wants me to meet someone. I think she wanted to believe the Ryan Gosling rumor more than anybody,” Michelle laughed, finally crushing that particularly sexy dream for us. If Michelle and Ryan’s smoking hot romance isn’t in the cards, maybe Grandma Williams can take solace in know that Kate Winslet fantasizes about Michelle. “From a distance, I feel as if I’ve actually been having a secret love affair with Michelle. She and I are quite intimate in my fantasy friendship, built on admiration and respect,” Winslet admitted. Even if it is strictly just professional, that is one pretend relationship we wholeheartedly endorse.

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Michelle Williams Gave “Devastating” Interview About Heath “To Please People”


Having recently opened up about her ex-boyfriend and father of her child in a deeply personal episode of Nightline, it seems that Michelle Williams now regrets giving the interview about Health Ledger. When chatting with the Daily Beast, a frustrated Williams explained, “I just had an experience with Nightline that got edited in such a way that seemed as if I did go too far. It was a three-hour interview that was edited in such a way that was devastating to me.” In addition to producers whittling her words down into sound bites, Williams seems to blame herself in part for saying too much in the interview about ex Heath. “I mean, I am still such the-good-girl. I want everybody to like me. I want everybody to be happy. I want to please people. So that desire in the moment overrode that ‘me’ that is on top of myself, that ‘me’ that is on top of a situation,” Michelle said. Well, if her Golden Globe nomination is any indication, liking Michelle Williams isn’t a problem for the general population, regardless of what she reveals about her personal life.

Chopped-up and reassembled as it may be, it sounds like much of the sentiment expressed in the interview remains true. When asked how her feelings about Ledger might more accurately be expressed, Williams muses, “How do I talk about this? I experienced a lot of loss after his death. I lost my city because of all the paparazzi descending upon us. I actually lost my journal during that time, oddly enough. I literally couldn’t hold on to anything. It felt as if things were literally slipping through my fingers. Things were just streaming away from me. I lost my sense of humor. I’m still sort of looking for that.” Hey, give yourself a break Michelle. Until your funny bone resurfaces, we’ll be happy to act as a back-up for you.

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Michelle Williams Opens Up About Heath Ledger’s Death

Just go open up a brand-new box of Kleenex now. You’re going to need them when you watch a teary-eyed Michelle Williams talk about Heath Ledger’s death. Normally close-lipped about her former fiancee and daughter Matilda’s father, Williams reveals that she’s wistful for the months immediately following Heath’s death in 2007. “In a strange way, I miss that year, because all those possibilities that existed then are gone,” she said. “It didn’t seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door or could appear behind a bush. It was a year of very magical thinking, and in some ways I’m sad to be moving further and further away from it,” Williams admits. You know that thing, where you’re crying so hard you can’t breathe? That’s what we’re dealing with right now.

As for finding meaning in Ledger’s death, Williams, who’s up for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Blue Valentine, says she’s still at a loss. “The actual event itself…I can’t find a meaning for it. I can find meanings in things and people and relationships that have sprung up and friendships that have strengthened…but not in why.” Excuse us while we write the rest of our posts from the ladies’ room; we’re going to need a lot more paper products than we expected to handle this weeping.

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Kevin Spacey Is Keeping His Sexual Preferences To Himself, Thankyouverymuch

There have been Kevin Spacey gay rumors as long as there’s been Kevin Spacey. And when the Golden Globe nominee for Casino Jack recently met with an interviewer from the Daily Beast, said reporter was not interested in how great it must feel to be nominated. Instead, interviewer Kevin Sessumes asked the American Beauty actor why he refused to come out the closet, despite the fact that everyone and their mama “knows” that he’s gay. “People have different reasons for the way they live their lives. You cannot put everyone’s reasons in the same box. It’s just a line I’ve never crossed and never will,” replied Spacey. “I don’t live a lie. You have to understand that people who choose not to discuss their personal lives are not living a lie. That is a presumption that people jump to.” Yup, just the kind of statement you’d hear from someone with absolutely nothing to hide about his sexuality! So, how great was it to be nominated?

Concluded Spacey, “Look, at the end of the day people have to respect people’s differences. I am different than some people would like me to be.” For example, we would like him to be an actor who never appeared in K-PAX, but we just have to make peace with the fact that he was.  It’s something we struggle with every day.

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Jessica Alba Denies Making Anti-Screenwriter Comments, We Step Away From The Haterade


We’re not going to lie; we may have let our inner hater show a little bit last month when Jessica Alba told Elle that “good actors never use the script, they just make stuff up as they go along.” Ugh, that just sounds so dumb! However, Alba has come forward to clarify that her so-called-quote was, well, made-up by the interviewer as she went along. “That wasn’t true. Just so it’s clear, films don’t even get made and nothing ever gets a green light unless there’s great material. That’s always a #1 thing before you can get a director, actors or a studio even interested in anything.” Thanks for the quick lesson in Film Making 101, Jessica! We’re pretty sure everyone on the planet was aware of that movies need screenplays except for, you know, you.

Alba places the blame squarely on Elle for making her sound like a complete diva. “There was an article written recently where I was completely and totally paraphrased and things were taken out of context and mushed together. It was a four-hour interview that got condensed into a page and a half for a fashion magazine.” Alright, Alba, we guess we’ll put our claws away for now. But if you think we are going to be this nice after we see Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World, oh man, you should think again. [Photp: Getty Images]