Iron Man 3

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Unreal Real Estate: The 10 Coolest Fictional Residences In Movie History

Coolest houses in moviesThe movie world is rejoicing because Iron Man 3 opens wide today! Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark may be a super hero, but that’s not all: He also has one of the most super kickass houses in cinema history. It’s pretty amazing- but still, no one can stay in one place forever. What’s he going to do when he wants to pack up his iron suit in a U-Haul and find a new abode? Maybe one that will give him a shorter commute to world-savings. Well don’t worry Tony, we’ve going through the film real estate listings and came up with 10 spots that are almost as cool as your current spread. And we won’t even charge you a brokers fee. Read on and check out the 10 coolest (fictional) houses in movie history!
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