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Mirror, Mirror’s Lily Collins And Armie Hammer Play Tricks On Us

Take a quick look at Lily Collins and Armie Hammer in the photos from Mirror, Mirror above. Now, what would be your wild guess about their age difference? Wait, let’s make it a little harder (and play along, literal-minded folks who have already checked IMDb): Armie plays an FBI agent in J.Edgar; Lily will play a 16-year-old girl in City of Bones. That made us feel a little icky when we saw the latest Mirror, Mirror featurette, in which Lily appears to lust after a bare-chested Armie.

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Leo DiCaprio Through The Years: From Child Phenom To The Top Of Tinseltown

Over the last 20 years, Leonardo DiCaprio made jaws drop in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, melted hearts with Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, and has delivered one stellar, award-winning dramatic performance after another. DiCaprio’s résumé is one of Hollywood’s most impressive and with titular characters in J. Edgar (out today), The Great Gatsby (2012) and Sinatra (rumored, 2013), this über-A-lister isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Celebrate the 37th birthday of the ever-so-handsome Leo DiCaprio by taking a look back in photos.

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Leonardo DiCaprio May Direct Someday, Says Clint Eastwood

We caught up with Clint Eastwood at the LACMA Gala in his honor this weekend and asked him if Leonardo DiCaprio, star of Eastwood’s new movie J. Edgar, might follow in his directorial footsteps someday. After all, don’t you think Leo would kick some serious ass behind the camera? Clint, an iconic actor-turned-director, charmed our pants off by complimenting our outfit, and then offered up this tidbit about a future Director DiCaprio: “A lot of actors, myself included, like to move to to that thing. … I think he would like to try it someday.”

Sounds promising! Clip above.

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Leo DiCaprio “Got A Little Fat” On J. Edgar Set, Screenwriter Says

Much like Matt Damon in The Informant or Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones’ Diary, Leonardo DiCaprio was a consummate actor on the set of the upcoming J. Edgar. Or should we say Leo was a consuming actor, as according to the film’s screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, the actor packed on the lbs while portraying the infamous head of FBI. “Some of those pounds on later Hoover were not prosthetic. I’ll say it. Leo got a little fat,” Black revealed in DiCaprio’s New York Times profile, citing German chocolate cupcakes as Leo’s kryptonite. Look, the man works method! Leo probably read some obscure interview in which J. Edgar Hoover confessed an uncontrollable love of baked goods and he had to go for it. It’s all for his art!

Jowls aside, DiCaprio praised the movie’s make-up artist Sian Grigg for helping him transform into an elderly man for the film’s later scenes. “I’m sure she had multiple panic attacks trying to get me ready,” he reveals. “I could be quite squirmy.” Having had to spend two weeks in old man face, the Great Gatsby star admits, “To stay in character and to fight the urge not to rip it off at times and to not feel trapped inside it is extremely hard. It’s like you’ve been slathered in honey and wrapped in a giant duvet.” Mmmm, slathered in honey. Leo, no! Drop the comforter! No man can eat that much fabric and live!

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Leo DiCaprio Is Large, Extremely In Change In J. Edgar Poster

We love, love, love Oscar Bait Leo DiCaprio. Seeing him transform into the angry, beefy director of the FBI in the new J. Edgar poster is in the exact same vein as watching Leo slowly slip off a board into the freezing Atlantic, or invade a businessman’s dreams. Speaking of (bulging) veins, the movie’s tagline could easily be changed from “The Most Powerful Man in the World” to “The Most Intense Forehead Crease of all Time.” Sure, maybe the gigantic scary face isn’t making the film’s Armie Hammer kissing scene sound that tempting, but we all know the Academy will still like it. And, well, also us. If things don’t work out, there’s always Leo’s turn as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby next year. If he doesn’t take home a statuette for one of those, he’s going to pull a Nic Cage and just give up.


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First Glimpse Of Leonardo DiCaprio In Action As J. Edgar Hoover

We’ve been looking at the photographs for months. We’ve heard Armie Hammer talking about that smooch. With the trailer release of J. Edgar, we finally get to see what all the fuss is about!

The biopic, set mid-century, explores the life of the former head of the FBI and also addresses his allegedly being gay. Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in the titular role, Dame Judi Dench as his mom, and Clint Eastwood directing screams Oscar contender to us. Do you agree?

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Armie Hammer Talks About Smooching Leonardo DiCaprio For J. Edgar

Does a mid-century biopic of former head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover directed by Clint Eastwood sound a little dry? What if it had a significant amount of hot dude-on-dude kissing? Great, we’ll race to you to wait in line for two years! Over at ET Canada, the Lone Ranger’s Armie Hammer opened up about what it like to kiss costar J. Edgar‘s Leonardo Dicaprio for the upcoming film. “It’s the same kind of thing as if you walk onto a set and they hand you a machine gun and [say], ‘Shoot this like you know what you’re doing’ – you can’t grab that thing and go, ‘uh…’ – you kind of have to go, ‘Okay, I know what I’m doing,’ and you’ve just got to go for it,” Hammer said, in a delightfully phallic metaphor. “It wasn’t that weird – I have never kissed a guy – it’s not something I’m going to do in my private life, but at the end of it I was, like, man, there is a lot of weird hype.” WHY ISN’T THIS MOVIE OUT ALREADY? It feels like we’ve been waiting for a billion, trillion years to learn about Edgar Whatever His Name Is!

As for his friendship with erstwhile make-out buddy DiCaprio, Hammer adds, “You always have a special relationship with someone when you finish a movie with them, but…he’s got a bunch of stuff he is doing after that, I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m doing….we didn’t start a book club together or anything,” Naw, man, just save it for the sequel. Save it for our dreams, and the sequel.

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