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The 100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics Of 2010


You’ve just about made it through another holiday season full of tons of food, holiday traffic and crazy cousins. Congrats! Now it’s time to ring in the new year with the 100 hottest celebrity bikini pictures of the year. You’re welcome! Our gallery is ordered from one to 100, with #1 being the hottest. Miranda Kerr is the reigning champ from 2009 — not even Vanessa Minnillo in a skimpy pink bikini could topple her in 2010. Enjoy!

1. Miranda Kerr
2. Vanessa Minnillo (More Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures)
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Kim Kardashian (More Kim Kardashian bikini pictures)
5. Brooklyn Decker (More Brooklyn Decker bikini pictures)
6. Bar Refaeli (More Bar Refaeli bikini pictures)
7. Alessandra Ambrosio
8. Gisele Bundchen (More Gisele Bundchen bikini pictures)
9. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
10. Katy Perry (More Katy Perry bikini pictures)
11. Megan Fox (More Megan Fox bikini pictures)
12. Cassie
13. Demi Lovato
14. Coco (More Coco bikini pictures)
15. Justin Bieber (More Justin Bieber beach pictures)
16. Vanessa Minnillo
17. Maria Belen Rodriguez (More Maria Belen Rodriguez bikini pictures)
18. Selena Gomez
19. Rihanna (More Rihanna bikini pictures)
20. Shakira
21. Molly Sims
22. AnnaLynne McCord
23. Amber Rose
24. Holly Madison (More Holly Madison bikini pictures)
25. Jennifer Aniston

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J-Woww Writing The New Jersey Version Of The Rules

Are you looking for love but having a hard time? Are you a Jersey Shore fan? Would you be willing to take advice from the show’s second biggest female star? If you are, then today is your lucky day! Farley is writing a dating self-help guide called The Rules According To J-Woww. The book is inspired by that famous 1995 tome The Rules, which brainwashed women into believing there was a right way and a wrong way to snag a man. J-Woww will offer “shore-tested secrets on landing a mint guy, staying fresh to death, and kicking the competition to the curb.” And hopefully an epilogue on how to clear up gorilla rash.

Everything in The Rules According To J-Woww will probably not be reality-based but with advice like “Bust his balls a little,” and “Hair belongs on your head . . . nowhere else,” it’s sure to become a classic bathroom read.  The book comes out in February, 2011, but in the meantime, check out the cover below.

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Snooki And JWoww Plan To Dress As Each Other For Halloween

This is pretty hilarious. Snooki and J-Woww apparently are dressing as each other for Halloween. Considering 95% of girls are probably going to be poufing, pouting and bronzing in order to dress as them this year, we think it’s clever that they plan to join in on the fun. (Poor Angelina – no one plans to dress as her though, right?)

Even though we think this is a funny idea, we’re not sure how they plan to do it. Will Snooki wear stilts? Will J-Woww pull a Dorf and walk around on her knees? (Does anyone else remember Dorf?) Or maybe they could hired the Jared Leto girl to make them over and really transform their faces into each other. It would be like Face/Off: New Jersey Edition!

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In Which Your Parents’ Fave Thing And Your Fave Thing Become One


This. We just could not resist. It’s bad enough that Troll #1 and Troll #2 are in faux-fur boots in the middle of a September heat wave, but the fact that three of Jersey Shore‘s finest Jagermeister shot guzzlers somehow managed to mimic The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover just goes to show what a bunch of idiot savants they truly are.

So what if Snooki can’t answer a duck phone, she does brilliant sh*t like this without even trying. It’s almost as if Lennon and McCartney were predicting the future when they wrote, “I never give you my number, I only give you my situation.” A very inebriated and tan future. The only question now is what we call this photo montage: Jersey Road or Abbey Shore?


Spot The Diff: Rise And Shine On The Boardwalk

The Daily Diff is TheFABLife’s pop culture spin on the traditional “spot the difference” game. Check back every day for a new picture. Brought to you by ZENO.

Play The Daily Diff After A Brief Ad

JWoww grabs coffee in Seaside Heights with rumored boyfriend Roger Williams and Jersey Shore cast mate Deena Nicole Cortese. [Photo: Splash News]

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The Shorter List: Hottest Celebrity Beach Bods


It’s that time of the week again! Last Friday night The Short List ranked the hottest celebs to ever slather SP 40 over their glistening million-dollar physique (or as they called it, the 10 Hottest Celebrity Beach Bods). But we feel that the esteemed VH1 experts missed a few people in their quest to see who had the bangin’est beach bod. So we’re here to fill in a few gaps. Just think of it as a public service. Grab your Ray-Bans, sandals and a couple of towels: we’re going to the beach!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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TheFABlife Bikini Awards: Reality Junkies

(Welcome to TheFABlife Bikini Awards, where we pit half-naked celebs against each other and you vote for the finest skin-flaunter of the summer of 2010.)

The first round of mobile and online voting is now closed. Audrina Patridge is the winner of the Reality Junkies! Vote for the Ultimate Bikini Awards winner in our final poll!

The Reality Junkies all have one thing in common — besides their addiction to showing off some skin – they want their MTV. Yep, all of the gals in this category  — Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, J-WOWW, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola — are or have been the hottest thing on everyone’s favorite music-ish channel. Whether they live in The Hills or on the Jersey Shore, a bikini is required wear. Thankfully.

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J-Woww’s Stuff, Like Her Boyfriend, Vanishes

Poor Jenni “J-Woww” Farley. She recently got the boot from her (now ex-) boyfriend Tom Lippolis. Reason being she kept misplacing her tongue, only to find it down other dude’s throats. Totally not her fault.

Now, similarly, J-Woww’s stuff has apparently vanished from the Journal Square, NY home that she and Lippolis shared. It’s been confirmed by the Nassau County P.D that Farley filed a complaint, but that’s all that can be revealed at the moment as the investigation is ongoing. We don’t know what’s missing, but clearly her hair products clearly haven’t gone anywhere. Lippolis is quick to deny any involvement stating, “I took nothing but my own belongings and my bed.”

She didn’t forget that she moved into someone else’s house, did she?


J-Woww’s BF Wakes Up And Realizes She’s A Cheater…Duh!

RadarOnline.com‘s photos of Jersey Shore’s resident boob job advocate, J-Woww, cheating on boyfriend Tom Lippolis just surfaced, causing poor Tom to dump the guidette. In an interview with RadarOnline, Tom said, “I’m f*cking beside myself, but am ready to move on.” Then he goes on to explain, “There has been a lot of pressure on both of us lately, but she recently told me, ‘I never cheated on you and I will never leave you for someone else.’ She just lost the best thing that ever happened to her.” Alright, now get ready for the real O-M-G moment: “I am in the best shape of my life and am ready for a new relationship. I’ve already put on Facebook that I am single and I’m getting hits like crazy.” It’s hard out here for a pimp isn’t it, Tom?

Tom must have amnesia so we will gladly remind him that during the first season of the Jersey Shore J-Woww introduced herself by saying, “After I have sex with a guy I will rip their heads off.” She backs up this statement by hooking up with fellow castmate Pauly D and claiming not to remember it. Jersey Shore fans will also recall how J-Woww called Tom on the Snooki-proof duck phone to explain the incident that she allegedly doesn’t remember because she, too, was a victim of apparent (lemon-drop shot induced) amnesia. A momentary split happened between the couple before they were back together by the next episode.

Oh well, we guess it’s about time J-Woww is a single lady, ripping the heads off of orange-tanned men from New Jersey. Let’s just hope she remembers it.

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Who’s Ready For More Jersey Shore?

terry-snooki-550rnrnWe are, we are! We’ve bought all of the ingredients to blend up a killer batch of Ron Ron Juice, we purchased a ten package session at our nearest tanning booth (btw, those new tanning booth new taxes suck, Obama!), and we got our last paycheck in quarters so we’d never have to run out of them at the laundry again. All in preparation for the second season of Jersey Shore, which airs tonight at 10/9 on MTV. rnrnAs a means of celebrating this momentous occasion, celebrity photographer (and probable creep) Terry Richardson released a bunch of new pics today featuring The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Snooki and the rest of the gang. So don’t put your face too close to the monitor when you’re looking at them; you never know what you might catch.rnrn[Photos: Terry Richardson’s Diary]rnrn

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