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The Hunger Games Red Carpet: The Men Decide To Suit Up

While they were plenty of well-dressed women at The Hunger Games premiere last night, the men weren’t far behind. Who doesn’t love a dude in a sharp suit? There were plenty of examples of why that makes us go gaga last night, with Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Wes Bentley leading the pack. Cody Simpson and Alexander Ludwig opted for more relaxed versions, deciding to forgo ties. Deciding to go the more cazh route was Donald Sutherland, who wore a rakish scarf instead. We’ve decided we want to hang with him now because he looks like he has a blast everywhere he goes. Woody Harrelson looked dressed for a luau while palling around with an appropriately clad Stanley Tucci, but we expected that. What we didn’t expect, but were thrilled to see, was Peter Facinelli who looked ridik-hot in jeans, hoodie and leather jacket combination. Want to see what we’re talking about? Head on to our gallery below.

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Hunger Games Stars Talk Dirt, Knives And Bears In Vanity Fair

From what we’ve seen online of the Hunger Games feature for the December issue of Vanity Fair, the magazine didn’t get a ton of new scoop on the movie (or, very likely, they’re saving the good stuff for the newsstands). What they did get was a spectacular photo shoot with the cast. We’re particularly amused by the black-and-white pic of Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth lying in the grass and looking like an outtake from a Vampire Diaries poster.

The other thing that stands out to us, both from the interview
with Jennifer and the fun interactive cast guide, is how much everyone wants to convince us that this is a movie about kids killing kids. Check out these quotes:

Jennifer (Katniss), on the most difficult part of filming: “The fact that it didn’t feel like filming a movie. When we were filming in the woods, it didn’t have that Hollywood gloss — it was real snakes, real bears, and really scenes of running up and down a mountain for 13 hours.”

Liam (Gale): “I’d heard about how popular the books were, but I wasn’t quite aware of how dark and gritty the story was. It started me thinking and asking questions like, Could something like this actually happen to us one day?”
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