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Guy Ritchie Is A New Dad!

Why did we think his life would be over without Madonna? She has that sort of effect on us and we’d imagine anyone she’s been with would have two distinct era’s in their life — the golden years with Madge, and the bleakness post-her. Clearly not the case with Guy Ritchie whose girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, just gave birth to a baby boy yesterday! Their son arrived bright and early at the start of the week at London’s Portland hospital and the new parents are ecstatic with sources saying, “They’ve been beaming all day and can’t wait to take him home.” Mazel Tov, guys! We admit we didn’t know he was dating anyone — a model, no less — but still, lovely news for them!


Guy Ritchie’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when Madonna learned Guy Ritchie‘s big news—a rep for Sherlock Holmes director confirmed that Ritchie and model Jacqui Ainsley are expecting their first child. Though the pair were first spotted together less than a year ago, The Daily Mail reports Ainsley has been baby-crazy for a while. “They have been keen to start a family. We expect to hear wedding bells next year,” says their source. “Jacqui was crying with joy when she found out. They went on holiday because Guy is desperate for her to take it easy. He won’t let her do anything more strenuous than argue over baby names.”

Not only does Guy appear to have a type (we see a little Madge in Ainsley), he also has a style—Madonna had already delivered the first of their two children, Rocco (now 10), before the two married in December 2000. There was already buzz of Madonna being jealous of Ainsley’s popularity with her children, how will she take the news that the 28-year-old model is giving them a step-sibling?

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