Jaden Smith

by (@missmuttoo)

Willow Smith Is Way More Fashion-Forward Than We Ever Could Be


Where is the justice? Dressed in sweat pants, hair scraped off face, we’re typing about celebri-kiddie  Willow Smith(Photos), who happens to be almost two decades younger than us, kicking it with her stylist. Her.Stylist. She’s NINE YEARS OLD.

Come to think of it, we did ponder about whether Willow and her brother Jaden Smith had people dressing them up when we saw them looking way cooler than we ever could at the screening of The Perfect Game three months ago. If you’re Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s daughter, the answer is yes.

Robert Zangardi is the stylist behind all the fierceness and he gushed about Willow saying “She is young, edgy, and individual.” She’s also nine. Can anyone HEAR us? So that massive Jedward-like pompadour and leopard print you saw at the Karate Kid premiere? That’s all thanks to Zangardi and stylist-costume designer Mariel Haenn who have admittedly customized “hundreds of pieces” for the brother-sister duo.

Miss Willow also got to swing around a Givenchy bag at the premiere, but don’t worry…  she’s so not into brands. He revealed, “We start off the design process sitting down with her and talking about what we wanted to make. It wasn’t about the fact that it was a Givenchy bag; it was about the fact that it has gold spikes and star studs on it.”  Right, sure, now we get it. And lest you think that this is all crazy, because you so don’t, Zangardi  “allows her to have a little bit more fun and take more risks than an adult could. We just made her a 3-finger ring in diamond and gold.”

The nine year old got a 3-finger ring in diamond and gold. Lourdes Leon, you have stiff competition.

[Photo: Getty Images]