by (@hallekiefer)

Megan Fox Can Totally Explain That “Unattractive Girl” Comment, You Guys

Megan Fox is a good-looking person, correct? Megan Fox probably wouldn’t switch places with a bad-looking person in some kind of ’80s body-swap comedy scenario, right? If your response to that question is, “What are you even talking about? That’s not scientifically possible,” then you’re already on Megan’s side! “I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl,” the Friends With Kids star allegedly told French magazine Jalouse. After readers took Fox to task for her seemingly mean girl attitude, Megan posted on Facebook today to clarify her statement. “The actual comment, the context and it’s intention are grossly distorted and misrepresented here,” the actress explained. “I gave this interview in English obviously, it was then translated to French and now back into English.” Of course! It was a translation error! Megan was probably just talking about Stefan Urquelle’s transition back into Steve Urkel and the reporter got confused. They just don’t have a term for “Cool Juice” or “Boss Sauce” in their culture.

Seeing as how she and husband Brian Austin Green are currently embroiled in allegations that Green beat up a photographer, we’re sure Megan is doing all she can not to come across as a beautiful monster in the press. Continued Fox, “I’ve never made vapid self serving comments and in contradiction am uncontrollably self deprecating.” Hmmm, uncontrollably self-deprecating…that sounds like a real Myrtle Urkel thing to say. Quick! Someone check and see if she’s been Steve in disguise this entire time!

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