Janell Snowden


Nick Cannon And Janell Snowden Are In Love

We jest! Sort of. Sifting through our 2010 Oscars coverage, we came across this video clip of Janell Snowden, our friend from VH1 News, walking up to Mariah Carey and telling her straight up that she’s always had a thing for her hubby Nick Cannon. Mariah looks peeved at first, but then rolls with the joke. But what neither Mimi nor Janell know is that we’ve been waiting for just the right moment to unearth a clip of an on-camera flirtation between Nick and Janell that’s been buried deep within our archives.

Below is a mashup of Janell interviewing Nick at two different Sundance Film Festivals — before and after he was married. The clip involves hugs, pecks on the cheek, declarations of love, and talk about condoms and what could have been. Don’t worry Mariah, it’s clearly all in good fun! Maybe.


Celebrity Oscar Picks: Avatar, Clooney To Win

Throughout awards season, our friend Janell Snowden at VH1 News has been asking celebrities like Nick Jonas, Marion Cotillard, Sean Paul and Death Cab for Cutie for their 2010 Oscar predictions. If the sum total of these celebs are correct, then Avatar will win Best Picture and George Clooney Best Actor at Sunday night’s Academy Awards. Precious and Crazy Heart stand a chance, too. Listen to the hodgepodge of celebs give their predictions, and you’ll catch noteworthy moments like Avatar director James Cameron admitting that his ex-wife’s movie The Hurt Locker might take home the top prize.

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Super Bowl Studs Too Focused On The Game To Date

VH1’s own Janell Snowden is down in Miami covering the Super Bowl this week, and she’s recording a diary for The FABlife about hunting for a date with one of football’s eligible bachelors. So far, wide receiver Marques Colston and his fellow Saints have all turned down an invitation to hang out with her at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam. The lovely red carpet host was rejected over and over, and the excuse was the same every time: the big game. Check back to see if Janell has any more luck with the next round of ball-playing bachelors. Maybe they’ll take her up on her offer after they win?

Check out Janell in action in our gallery below, and tell us, how could this gorgeous woman who has the gift of gab fail to score a date?

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