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Justin Bieber Gets Booed By Hostile Crowd At Madison Square Garden, Possibly Signaling End Of Bieber Fever (Update: Now With Video!)

UPDATE (10:52pm): Now with video! Click here to watch Justin Bieber get booed (VIDEO).

Is the beginning of the end near for Justin Bieber? The diminuitive, well-coiffed Canadian pop star attended the big New York City premiere of his new 3D epic, Never Say Never, at Manhattan’s Regal E-Walk 13 theater (which, if we’re being completely honest with you, is NOT exactly the swankiest movie palace in town). For a man with as much star power and juice as Justin Bieber supposedly possesses, the film didn’t draw many A-Listers on opening night. Hip-hop impresarios Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid were there, as were Spike Lee, Deborah Norville and Stephen Baldwin (who, we might add, is also tight with Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus), but the likes of Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas were nowhere to be found on the red carpet. However, the night only got worse for our boy Biebs.

According to dozens of Twitter feeds, Justin Bieber hit the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden tonight and, when shown on in the in-house Jumbotron, was loudly booed by those in attendance. Popular NBA Twitter feed @offseasonblog reported that “Biebs is wearing a purple bow tie at the Knicks and got booed,” while VH1’s own @samdotcom wrote that “The Biebs got booed at MSG. Girl broke thru security to touch him; she returned to her seat sobbing & shaking.” And if you search Twitter for “Bieber booed” now, you’ll see literally hundreds of tweets and retweets.

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Jasmine And Justin, Sitting In A Tree…

…K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Actually, it was a Honda and not a tree, but why bother getting bogged down in the details? Earlier today, we introduced you to Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas. And while we gave you some initial clues as to who she is — she played the main squeeze of the Biebs in the “Baby” video, she loves long walks on the beach and can’t stop playing tonsil-hockey with the biggest pop sensation on the planet — we didn’t actually show you too much in the way of what she looks like. Until now, that is! So stop what you’re doing, dive in and check out the pictures of the older woman — Jasmine has been alive exactly 83 more days than Justin! — that stole Bieber’s heart (and possibly his virginity, too!). [Photo Illustration: Lauren Deiman, Photo Credit: Getty Images, ]

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Who Is Jasmine Villegas? Just Some Girl Justin Bieber Makes Out With Sometimes.


You might not have heard of Jasmine Villegas before, but you surely will know her name now that she was caught making out with Justin Bieber. Sorry, Kim Kardashian! Looks like Justin’s found someone his own age.

Villegas has known the Biebs for a while – she actually starred in his “Baby” video as the bowling girl who stole his heart, but most recently, she’s been on tour as his opening act. TMZ caught the pair smooching in the back of a car which is just so adorable we can’t handle it – it looks like they’re trying to get a quick makeout session in while his mom runs into the store or something.  (Actually – hilariously – it appears that a handler/driver is in the car with them the whole time. That has to be awkward.)

Back in March, Villegas discussed what it’s like being the object of Bieber’s affection in the video, saying “A lot of girls are like, ‘Stay away from my man!’ and ‘He’s mine!'” but she also denied that any real hanky panky was going on, saying they were just “really cool friends.”Apparently they’re so cool, they need to help warm each other up now that fall is upon us! Here’s hoping Villegas doesn’t find herself in the middle of a Twit-storm like Kardashian and so many others have. Good luck, you crazy kids.

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