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10 Lessons About What NOT To Do On Vacation

Vacation lessons

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry, but if you were just to judge by movies, you’d want a vacation from vacations!

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Charlie Sheen Rents Yacht, Porn Stars To Watch Jaws

What’s more horrifying? Watching a shark terrorize a beach town, or hanging out with Charlie Sheen in open water? Unfortunately some people on this earth can answer that question, now that Charlie Sheen rented a 100-foot yacht to watch Jaws with his friends, both porn star and otherwise. First Sheen watched Major League with baseball players, now he takes to the open sea to watch a shark movie. Charlie probably got the idea for themed movie nights after watching Requiem For A Dream in his own living room.

Attending alongside Sheen’s new girlfriend, porn star Bree Olson tweeted about Sheen’s Jaws screening, hitting Twitter late last night to gush, “Spent my evening on a yacht watching Jaws for the first time in my life. It was pretty much, an amazing experience. Yeah…;).” Something tells us that winky face has nothing to do with Richard Dreyfuss stabbing a shark with a hypodermic spear, and everything to do with the tawdry goings on between Charlie and his guests. We’re going to need a bigger barf bag!