Jenny Mollen Biggs

by (@hallekiefer)

Jason Biggs’ Wife Admits To Hiring Him A Prostitute For His Birthday

Suffering from a severe case of Rich Person Reality Blindness, Jenny Mollen Biggs talked to Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket about her husband Jason Biggs’ prostitute encounter in Las Vegas for his birthday. According to Mrs. Biggs, she and the American Pie star ran into a comedy of errors while trying to purchase the services of a lady of the evening (miscommunication, ATM mishap) before settling on a sex worker named Keisha. You guys know a pie only costs about $10 at the store, right? You guys also know this story makes you seem like two profound creeps, right?

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for anyone with eyes and the ability to read, the American Reunion star suffered performance anxiety and was unable to go forward with the evening’s planned activities. According to Mollen, their guest for the evening couldn’t have been nicer. “She lightened the mood by saying, ‘Look, see? Your husband must really love you. He couldn’t even stay excited by the idea of another woman,'” she writes. And now that we know this, you have to know it too. We just couldn’t be the only ones! We’re so sorry!