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Snooki Denies Reports Of Nude Photos, Video


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may spread her legs for the camera, but she does not spread her legs for the camera: the crotch-flashing “Jersey Shore” star denies she’s the subject of any nude photos or videos being hawked to tabloids. “Like i said before about my supposed ‘sex tape’…There are no nude pictures nor will there ever be,” she recently tweeted. “The tabloids just love Snook gossip.” That’s not stopping Radar from providing a steamy description of what they say they saw:

The stills and video leave nothing to the imagination, as she is wearing only a smile. In one photo she is in her bedroom, on her knees, with one hand on the ground and the other holding the rail of the bed frame. She is looking at the camera with her head tilted slightly. Her spot-it-anywhere fingernail polish is plainly visible. Another shot is too graphic to describe. And if it’s not Snooki in the photos then she has an identical twin!

As damning as the matching fingernail polish sounds, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a few “identical twins” running around the bridge-and-tunnel crowd. With Snooki barely batting an eyelash at the rumors, it’s time for someone to put up or shut up.

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Katy Perry: Google Alerts Ruined Russell’s Proposal

Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Looks like we weren’t the only people who saw Katy Perry‘s engagement coming. The singer has confessed that online reports preceding Russell Brand‘s New Year’s eve wedding proposal kind of spoiled the surprise for her. “Unfortunately, I still Google myself sometimes, I saw it on Google alerts,” she said at Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy party. “I’m going to be honest.” It sounds like the British comedian still found a way to sweep her off her feet, though. “There was an elephant involved. We were on an elephant just before it. We were in India, It was at midnight, and it is not a good idea to be on the back of an elephant during a fireworks display.” It also might not be a good idea for two sex-crazed stars to plan marriage less than six months after they started dating, but why spoil the fun?

Any disappointment about us squealers appeared long gone this weekend, with Katy and Russell living it up at Grammy pre and and post parties as Perry filled her Twitter with praise of Pink, photos of pals Adam Lambert and Rihanna, and even a shot with to Jersey Shore‘s own Snooki…who may or may not have known what was happening. See their brief encounter in the gallery below.

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The 2010 Grammys May Now Commence


The party has arrived! Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift can’t hold a candle to the star power of “Jersey Shore” Guidette Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. The pint-sized breakout star arrived early to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards to cover the arrivals for MTV News. Always on the prowl for a good time, a good man, and some worthy poofs, Snooks may be the most entertaining red carpet correspondent ever. [Photos: Getty Images]

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JWoww, Wwhat The Eff Is On Your Legs?


MTV’s “Jersey Shore” graciously exposed a tanned pocket of America that we quickly came to love. It’s a glorious world filled with “gorillas,” “Guidettes,” “poundin’,” and “poofs.” Perhaps the creators of the complex Seaside lexicon can tell us what to call the disaster happening south of cast member JWoww‘s waist. We’re flailing in an uneasy place somewhere between “shants,” “capri pants,” and “pedal pushers.” We won’t even discuss the gaping holes (but seriously – those holes!).

If you’re not running out to find yourself a pair of “tall girl ankle jeans,” maybe you’d like one of JWoww’s “sophisticated” (she said it, not us) boob hammocks. Silicon not included. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Sausage-Loving Snooki Once Starved Herself Down To 80 Pounds


We love that the ladies of “Jersey Shore” have been very vocal about their healthy body images, so we got a bit misty-eyed when we heard our wee Snooki once starved herself down to 80 pounds in high school. “In high school, I really wouldn’t eat,” she told Us Weekly. “I would only have lunch, and I would only have salads. It got so crazy that I would only eat a cracker or a cucumber a day and I would feel full.”

Thankfully a nurse at school intervened and got Mama and Papa Snooki involved and our beloved Guidette got her weight back up to a healthier 98 pounds, which is how we like her. Where else on TV have you seen a woman speak so joyfully about scarfing down pickles and sausage? And she’s not alone – good ol’ J-Woww loves her ham, and all the girls on the show are very proud of their phsyiques, none of which are Lohan-like in their thiness. For all the screwed up sh*t that’s gone down on the Shore, you gotta high five the ladies for presenting themselves as confident, healthy, and happy with how they look, and leaving the body images issues for their gym n’ tan addicted male roommates.  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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“Jersey Shore” Stars Do What They Do Best


The “Jersey Shore” kids showed up at Greenhouse in NYC last night to milk the last of their 15 minutes, and proved that they at least know what they’re good at: sucking face, clutching cocktails, and exercising their finger muscles.The booty shorts and hair gel were in full effect, and their artificial tans lit up the room with a glow bright enough to snap someone out of their seasonal affective disorder. Feel the magic in our gallery below.

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Dress Like A D-Lister: Snooki’s Sleepwear


The “Jersey Shore” kids have made it clear that they’re devoted to primping and hitting the town decked out in their finest pleather minis and Aldo heels (gym, tan, laundry, ya know?), so we were kinda surprised when we saw our beloved, the wee Snooki, shuffling out of our building here in Times Square looking like she hadn’t left her bedroom in three days.

So you wanna dress like Snickuhs? Here’s what you’re gonna need:

Stealing the Snook’s look will cost you around $489.49, by our estimation. But the attention you’ll get? Priceless. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Kristin Cavallari “Jealous” Of Jersey Shore


Snooki gets to do the weather, wear a fierce poof, and host a fist-pumping competition: Who wouldn’t be jealous? Hills star Kristin Cavallari recently admitted that she is envious of MTV’s new hit reality show Jersey Shore, which brought in a whopping 3.2 million viewers, while her little Hills show fell in ratings and brought in a mere 1.72 million. “I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of jealous,” Kristin said at her 23rd birthday party over the weekend.

Although jealous, KCav admits she is a big fan of the show. So who is her fave cast-member? Does she have a thing for Snooks? No, no, no – Kristin is all about The Situation. “I mean, come on, right?” she said. The reality starlet even admitted she would date someone similar to the castmates on the show. “Maybe, if I liked him,” she said. “I mean, if I was attracted to him, absolutely.” [Source: NBC; Photo: Getty Images]


Snooki’s Weather Report: Cloudy With A Chance Of Guidos


Some things about the morning are just beautiful beyond belief: a gorgeous sunrise, birds chirping, or on this particularly special one, Snooki and her poof doing the weather. Although she was “scared,” the Jersey Shore star pushed her cleavage up high and did her best impersonation of Al Roker, when she was a special guest on WPIX news in New York to do the weather.

After the co-hosts praised Snooks for her work on “the MTV” and admired her gravity-defining hairdo, she took a moment to clarify that her famous poof is God-given. “No Bump-It, all natural,” Snooki confirmed.

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Michael Cera Says His Body Is As Buff As “Jersey Shore” Star


Michael Cera and the “Jersey Shore” cast solidified their BFF-ship with a blowout and a jacuzzi sesh this week, causing the entire internet to nerd out over photos of their blossoming friendship. We caught Michael on the red carpet at the Youth In Revolt premiere, and he spilled the beans about which of the guidos he related to the most.

“Ronnie,” revealed the actor, “cause we both have great physiques and just I liked him a lot. He was really nice.” Sure, we know he was probably joking around – after all he’s not exactly what one would label a juice-head – but we know a lot of ladies (er, maybe even the one writing this) who favor a man with a scrawny look. It may not win Snooki over, but that just means more meat bones for the rest of us!

Michael also told us that he was indeed knighted with a Jersey Shore-style nickname, but stayed mum on his new moniker. “They give me one. I don’t want to say what it is because I want to save it,” he told us.  “It’s something  I’ve never thought of but I like it a lot.”

Michael-C? Mooki? You can find out what Ronnie named his new BFF during tomorrow night’s “Jersey Shore” on MTV – they’ll be airing Michael’s promos with the cast in all their gelled, jacuzzied glory. [Photos: MTV, GettyImages]