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Cosmo Bashes Snooki’s Love Of Tanning


Love her or hate her, “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki is all over the place! Although her controversial style might make some people sick (i.e. her “Porn Star In Training” trucker hat and her “freakin’ poof”) some of her choices are downright unhealthy.  Cosmopolitan wrote an open letter to the reality star in their latest issue, bashing her love of tanning beds and slamming the tanorexic star for advocating a “dangerous” beauty practice. Check out the letter the mag writes to Snooki below.

Dear Snooki,

We’re not afraid to admit it: even though Jersey Shore is the latest show-you-love-to-hate, we kinda like you. Your “Porn Star in Training” trucker hat makes us laugh. Your back walkovers in a thong and mini skirt impress us. And your ability to come up with jewels like, “He shows his good side then he shows his jerk off side, that’s what I like: a good guy and a jerk off, it’s all in the same,” give us writer’s envy.

But as great as you are, there’s one thing about you that really bothers us. (And no, it’s not your “freakin’ poof.”) Our issue with you is that you bake your skin. We were willing to overlook the comments about your ideal man being “Italian, dark, muscles, juice-head, guido” since maybe you just meant a naturally dark-skinned guy (who, uh, uses Steroids?) and your ultimate dream being “to move to Jersey, find a nice juiced, hot, tanned guy and live my life” since maybe you were referring to a guy who spray-tans (and, uh, uses Steroids?).

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The “Jersey Shore” Kids Are In On The Joke

Those wacky “Jersey Shore” kids just can’t stop winning us over. Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D “vibed” with the Funny Or Die crew and popped out this adorable video in which MTV’s latest gang of reality darlings simultaneously show off their acting chops and their ability to laugh at themselves. We’d totally be swooning right now if we hadn’t burned our entire body in the tanning bed this afternoon. We figure there’s a 1 in a million chance we may run into Pauly D somewhere along the Northeast corridor over the holidays and we wanted our skin to be poppin’ when we cross paths. Did we just confess our love for a Rhode Island-based DJ with a Jersey accent and a Cadillac tattoo? Yes. Yes we did. Now please pass the hair gel.

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The FABlife’s Ultimate Guide To “Jersey Shore” Star Snooki


It’s official,”Jersey Shore’s” Snooki - Nicole Polizzi by birth – has saved television with one fell swoop of her wee body on the dance floor. You know, this backbend-y, thong-flashing move:

This orange-skinned adora-dwarf has taken the mundane, washed up world of reality TV and somehow made it interesting again, with just a hair poof, a pickle fetish, and an earnest love of house music to guide her. Of course she couldn’t do it without the help of her Shore housemates, but there’s something about Snook that makes her stand out, even if she only clocks in at 4’9.

In her glorious, Poughkeepsian honor, we’re collecting every Snooki-related tidbit we can find – photos, videos, hairclips – and sharing them with you, dear readers, in this here post. We’ll update it accordingly as she continues to spread her brilliance around the globe, spritzing her genius upon us like a giant can of hairspray.

Heaven awaits you, under the jump!

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“Jersey Shore” Stars Snooki And J-Woww Bash “The Hills”


Snooki - aka Nicole Polizzi – of MTV’s latest hit “Jersey Shore,” has started a war of words with the network’s other glossy reality docudrama. “We are better than The Hills,” she told Us Magazine at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards this weekend. “It is all real.”

Added her co-star J-Woww, she of the mysterious black and blond trash heap hair, “We are not fake; we don’t try to present ourselves like we are fake. We don’t try to put ourselves in front of the cameras with the hair and the makeup. We tell everyone how we feel. We don’t say anything behind their backs.”

We gotta agree with the Jersey girls on this one – the only thing fake about the Shore kids is their hair. Er, and their tans. Okay, and probably their relationships. But who cares – east coast represent![Photo: GettyImages]

Check out pics below of Mike, Pauly, J-Woww and Snooki at the Video Game Awards this weekend.

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