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Snooki Gets Clicked While Getting Inked

Snooki should really know this is not the most attractive look for her. Why on earth would you invite the paparazzi to click a moment that is reserved solely for grimacing and, if your threshold for pain isn’t particularly high, screaming. She was in L.A. this weekend and decided to pop into the Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, along with cameras, of course. The Jersey Shore star got, what else, stars tattooed on her shoulder. But get this, they’re leopard-print stars! We die. She probably just pointed at her earrings and said — tattoo that. Snooki also seems to have got one rather large tiger-stripe star as well. For a closer look, click after the jump. Read more…

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Is Snooki A Hipster Or A Bodacious Beach Babe?

Snooki has many different avatars, y’all. And she wants you to see — and love — all of them. To that end, a couple of very interesting photographs have been popping up on her Twitter feed over the last day and a half. The first is what we’d like to call “Hipster Snooki.” She posted the picture on the left from the airport wearing all black, a beanie, boots and hipper-than-thou glasses. We never thought we’d see the day that our guidette would be more Williamsburg than Jersey Shore. The picture on the right, however, put everything right with the universe. Snooki tweeted this masterpiece of her in a leopard-print shrug and a shiny purple, very plunging monokini. It’s probably what she’d wear every day if she could. On a side note: We’re amazed at how toned this girl has become!

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Jersey Shore‘s Deena Gives A Vocab Lesson, Explains All The Faceplanting

Snooki‘s poof. The Situation‘s abs. Sammi and Ronnie‘s dysfunction-ship. Practically every Jersey Shore cast member has a signature style; Deena‘s just happens to be drunkenly toppling out of her sandals at speeds approaching the sound barrier. In addition to joining Toddlers & Tiara‘s cutie patootie Eden Wood and teenage wife Courtney Stodden on tonight’s 40 Winningest Winners of 2011, airing on Vh1 at 7pm ET/6pm CT, the meatball second closest to our hearts reveals the details behind the first time she slammed into the ground, which started the whole grand chain of events in motion. Deena also takes some time to define a few entries in her own personal dictionary for host Amy Schumer. Did you know what a “backpack” was? What’s a synomym for “hammerhead”? Will your eyeballs ever recover from seeing the definition of “Jersey Turnpike” in live vibrating action? If the answer is yes, go ahead and consider yourself a winner. You’ve earned it.


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JWoww Busts In And Out Of Maxim Magazine

Maxim magazine has chosen to give us quite an eyeful of Jenni Farley a.k.a. Jersey Shore’s JWoww. They have her bursting out of bikini’s and swimsuits both on the cover and inside the issue. We pored over the interview and giggled when she spoke about the food in Italy. “The Italian food out there is organic and fresh and light. They don’t even have penne à la vodka!” she says. No vodka in the pasta? For shame.

Jenni also talks about how she’s calmed down a fair amount over the course of the show, and she almost became “the mom? I feel that way. I was in a bad relationship during the first two seasons, so I took that out on people I shouldn’t have. I was definitely more of a bitch.” But she’s also got some advice from her fight club days to dish out. Her guidelines, if you ever get in a guidette’s face are, “Pull your hair back. You don’t want some bitch yanking on your hair.” That sort of wisdom is priceless. Lookin’ good, JWoww. Is it just us, though, or is there something wrong about her mouth on the cover shot on the right?

[Photos via Maxim Magazine]

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7 Most Promising Moments Of The Jersey Shore Season Five Trailer

You guys, we just watched the Jersey Shore season five trailer and, well, it felt like renewing our vows. We promised to watch Snooki and the gang in sickness and in health, and between the milk fights, crab flinging and cake strippers, it looks like this season is going with sickness. Kicking off January 5, Jersey Shore finds the sepia-hued gang back in Seaside Heights for more thrills, spills (of the Meatball variety) and Deena falling down under an overstuffed garbage bag. And Deena crying. And Deena almost getting knocked off a dock by an exceptionally large breeze. Either way, we picked out seven moments that made us think that season five might be the best season of all. The duck phone forever!

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Jersey Shore’s Vinny Gets Put On Blast For Rape Rap Lyrics

Looks like the combination of menthol smoke, bronzer particles and the incessant quacking of that duck phone has finally started to dissolve Vinny’s brain. How else can you explain why the Jersey Shore star included a reference to rape in his new rap song “Vinny Rack City Mix”? Posted earlier today to YouTube, the song lyric in question reads, “Actin’ like I’m raping it/F–k her ’til she fakin’ it.” Was Vinny just staring at his computer screen at 3:00am, thinking, “Hmm, what’s the only thing that can make this song even more horrifying to the human ear? Give it a terrible name? No, that’s not it. Oh, I’ve got it! Rape!” At least he admits the probable likelihood that a woman would have to fake it with him. Meanwhile, we can’t even.

The Shore star has since yanked the video off YouTube, and posted to Twitter about the backlash. “Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! #LearnToListenToMusic …It was fun though!,” he tweeted. We would love to know what “context” would make that line appropriate, Vinny. Actually, no, we wouldn’t! We would never want to know that. We would give anything to never, ever know.


Birthday Girl Snooki’s Top 24 Most Ridiculous Looks

It’s hard to believe Jersey Shore‘s Snooki only “poofed” into our lives two years ago. In that very short time, the world famous self-proclaimed “meatball guidette” has imprinted our memories with countless outrageous outfits. From tiaras to mukluks to giant pickle walking sticks, Nicole Polizzi never bores. To celebrate Snook’s 24th, let’s pour ourselves a beergarita (or five) and take a stumble down memory lane. [Photos: Getty Images, ]

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Snooki Maintains That Beautiful Glow With Kitty Litter Face Scrub

When it comes to beauty regimes, the guidettes of Jersey Shore do not mess around. In addition to frequent gym visits, chronic tanning and extensive pouf maintenance, Snooki revealed an unsettling beauty secret last night when she stopped by Conan, one that will help your skin keep its flawless nectarine sheen: rubbing your face with kitty litter. “It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there,” the reality star explained. “It makes your skin really smooth.” When Conan pointed out all the chemicals that are probably included into your average scoop of Fresh Step, Snooki shrugged, “I haven’t broken out yet!” Good enough for us!

In case you’re wondering how your skin would look after burying your face in Mr. Mittenhand’s toilet pebbles, you can try out Snooki’s new Snookify app on iTunes. Conan and sidekick Andy Ritcher did.  Oh, how they did. “I think I carry the boobs better,” Andy explains, as the audience shrieks in horror. Just don’t tell Deena that! You know that’s, like, her thing.

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The Situation Is Suing Abercrombie & Fitch

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is taking Abercrombie & Fitch to the cleaners. This shouldn’t come as a massive surprise to them as he had already sent over a cease-and-desist letter for selling T-shirts emblazoned with versions of his own catch phrases, “The Fitchuation,” “GTL … You Know the Deal” and “GTL Fitch.” Yes, he’s actually got a legal copyright, or so he claims, on those words.

Not that the company listened. They probably thought he was bluffing. Boy, were they wrong. The Sitch filed a suit in a Florida federal court on Tuesday, claiming that A&F needs to pay up for violation of trademark. According to him, they need to cough up $1 million in royalties and $3 million in damages. The papers state, “As a result of [Abercrombie’s] publicity campaign, [the retailer] profited off of the use of a false affiliation with Sorrentino and it has wrongly used Sorrentino’s name, image and likeness for advertising purposes in violation of applicable law.”

This isn’t the first time Mike and Abercrombie & Fitch have got into a tussle. Back in August, they actually issued a statement asking the Jersey Shore star to stop wearing their brand. They felt that he wasn’t portraying their kind of image saying, “We believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans.” Unfortunately, their sales fell majorly after this little incident, which could have been pure coincidence. But we’re still confused. Why dis the Sitch and then use his shtick to sell the very clothing you asked him not to wear?

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Snooki’s Latest DayGlo Wardrobe Disaster

Cobalt blue dress? Neon booties? Oh, no she di’nt! Those day-glo disasters have us reaching for our sunglasses. Snooki, child, this is just wrong. The pint-size Jersey Shore guidette was at The Grove yesterday, filming an appearance for Extra, when she rocked up in this outfit. We feel like the lady who got photobombed in the picture on the left. It looks like she’s staring at Snookums shoes and trying not to giggle. One thing we’ll say, though, is that an outfit this mismatched takes commitment (and a genuine misinterpretation of fashion). And she does look like she’s owning it.