“Jerseylicious” Wants To Oust “Jersey Shore” As The Most Jersey Show About Jersey


Proving once again that Hollywood is out of ideas, the Style Network is gearing up for the premiere of its latest series,  subtly named Jerseylicious. This show, they’ll have you know, is way more “REAL” Jersey than Jersey Shore ever was. After reading an interview with one of the show’s stars, we’re not so sure.

The new show is centered on a the drama at a New Jersey hair salon – and why wouldn’t it be? After all, the most famous thing about Jersey Shore is Snooki‘s pouf hairdo. However, Olivia Blois Sharpe, an orange-skinned, black-haired ringer for Snooki and a hair stylist on the show, says “Real Jersey girls are a lot more fashion-forward. Those girls were in their sweatpants all the time, their hair wasn’t done, their makeup wasn’t done. We’re a lot more flashy.” Wait, Snooki’s hair wasn’t done? That style occurred in nature? So confused.

Sharpe also told the New York Daily News a couple other choice details about herself, saying “If I could make a living off of fist-pumping to house music, I’d be in there,” and “I get depressed if I don’t tan. If I’m in a bad mood, laying in a tanning bed makes me feel better.” For real, this woman’s case against Jersey Shore weakens with every (awesome, cheesy) sound bite. The ripoff show airs on Sunday night – will it be as successful as the kids at the shore, or have people had enough? [Photo: Getty Images]