Jessica Labrie

by (@missmuttoo)

Courtney Love’s Ex-Assistant Looking To Publish A Tell-All Book

Courtney Love better lawyer up, and fast. Her ex-assistant, Jessica Labrie, is currently shopping around for a book deal in New York. Which would be perfectly OK if that book weren’t a tell-all about Love, tentatively titled Get Me a Xanax, says TMZ. Labrie’s account promises to be an inside look into the singer’s life, peppered with failed relationships and denial of drug use, which according to her gossiping ex-assistant, is a total lie.

Labrie worked for Love from 2001-2011 and over the decade, she claims that she has watched Love botch up every chance of romance that came her way because of her obsessive behavior. More disturbing, the book states that Love still uses cocaine and prescription drugs like Xanax and Adderall, despite publicly stating she’s clean. The book’s selling point, written up in the proposal, is the fact that it is “an unprecedented glimpse into the daily life of the chaotic widow of Kurt Cobain, by an innocuous girl who had the extraordinary chance to witness it all.” Innocuous girl, huh? That’s plain gall, since she’s basically screwing over her ex-employer for money. We may not be fans of Love’s behavior, but we don’t support hatchet jobs.

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