Jo Calderone

by (@hallekiefer)

Lady Gaga Poses As Jo Calderone For Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson have teamed up before, and their latest collaboration features Lady Gaga’s drag persona Jo Calderone, who smoke and sauntered through Sunday’s VMAs. Especially with Terry’s glasses on, we begrudgingly admit that we’d hit on Calderone if we saw him in a bar. In all honestly, we probably already have.

If these pics are gender bending enough for you, according to Us Weekly, Lady Gaga’s VMAs outfit not only came equipped with stubble, a Brooks Brothers suit and a menacing leer; it also had a prosthetic penis hidden in her Armani’s Men’s underwear. Did it matter that no one on the planet knew it was there except for Lady Gaga? What do you think? Frankly, we love the new look, but we do have one teeny tiny complaint: you’ll go through the trouble to cram a fake wiener in your pants, Gaga, but then you’ll shave your armpits? Seriously, what drag kings have you been taking tips from?

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

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