Joanne Baldwin

by (@hallekiefer)

Daniel Baldwin Files For Divorce After Violent Altercation

Not everyone can live the charmed, cigar-scented, cashmere-draped existence assume Alec Baldwin leads. Sadly, this includes pretty much all of his immediate family members. TMZ reports that brother Daniel Baldwin’s divorce from wife Joanne comes after a violent outburst Sunday evening. Joanne reportedly threatened Baldwin with a knife while “high intoxicated” in the past, and that night struck him several times in a “violent rage.” Come on, people. What every happened to the Baldwins’ just leaving horrible voicemail rants on their loved one’s phones?  Let’s have a little class.

TMZ alleges that Baldwin wrote down the events of that evening, including specifics from the altercation such as “She screams over money and proceeds to wake both children up by screaming and throwing objects around the house.” Daniel currently has temporary custody of the couple’s two children, as well as a restraining order against his spouse. “Due to recent events in our home and for the safety of my children and myself, I have made this decision.” Baldwin said in a statement. “I have had my share of problems with drugs and alcohol many years ago and know first hand how difficult a position she is in.” Let’s hope his brothers can offer some consolation in Daniel’s time of need. Not Billy though. Never Billy.