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Kim Kardashian’s BFF Escalates Her Jon Hamm Beef With Hilarious Insults

We’re sure if Jon Hamm implied we were an idiot in public we’d want our best friend to rush to our defense, too. That being said, Kim Kardashian is probably scribbling Jonathan Cheban‘s name in her Burn Book as we speak. “Put Jon Hamm in a mall, and more people will go up to the people working at the Burger King than they will to him,” Kim’s BBF ranted to Us Weekly in response to Hamm’s recent comments about Kardashian. “Bring Kim to a mall and there will be a riot. They’re in two different businesses. Kim’s pop culture and what people like.” Declared Cheban, “It’s a lot of work, and she’s here to stay. Let’s see where he is after Mad Men.” That grotsky little biatch! Oh wait, we mean…bad move, Jonathan. Really bad, really hilarious move!

Of course, if Kim’s pal is going after her detractors, he is going to have to quit his day job; the number of Kardashian haters grows by the hour. Take action hero Jason Statham, for example. After Details magazine asked the Expendables star if he ever thought about his brand, Statham sniffed, “F— no. F— ‘em. Kim Kardashian’s a brand.”  Hoo boy! Not that we don’t love the Kardashians in our way (they all have great hair and Khloe seems like a reasonable human being), but Jonathan, have you seen the guns on that guy? We have. In fact, we never want to stop seeing them. Except if they start  pummeling you in the face, so could you not go down that beefilicious road if you could help it?

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Kris Humphries Demands That Kim Kardashian Returns All Wedding Gifts, Stat!

Animal Planet shows don’t feature as much clawing as this situation has. The grand dismantling of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s very brief nuptials is still high on drama. The latest boxing bout between them is over all the wedding swag they amassed. Kim is already donating $200,000 to the Dream Foundation, which is reportedly twice the worth of all her wedding gifts. Unfortunately, her charitable turn doesn’t sit well with her ex. Kris reckons that Kim has to return every single item to every gift-giver as she has no right to keep any of the gifts at all.

Sources tell TMZ that while Kris thinks her giving to charity is great, it’s not enough, because their guests spent their money on those gifts and Kim keeping them is just unfair. What do you think FabFolk? What’s the correct etiquette here? We’re sure a lot of people spent a bomb on those gifts, so should they be given back to them? One of those people, by the way, is Jonathan Cheban, who happens to be Kim’s BFF. Apart from giving Kim a present, he also gave Kris a $5,000 certificate to YSL, which he’s never offered to return! Cheban says he was OK with them keeping their presents, but now thinks Kris is a complete hypocrite because he has not returned any given to him. That gift card ain’t coming back, honey! And as long as he’s keeping his wedding gifts, what right does he have to criticize Kim keeping hers?

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This Weekend’s Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Of course, celebs like to play dress-up all year long, but this Halloween weekend provided a bonanza of crazy pics of famous people. Nicole Richie was one of our favorites. She was a dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez, even tweeting “My love don’t cost a thing,” along with a picture of her dressed in a pink velour tracksuit. She was heading to Kate Hudson‘s annual Halloween bash, as was Gwen Stefani, who was a picture perfect Cinderella. (Check out our favorite celebrity Halloween Twitpics, Best Week Ever’s analysis of the only 13 celeb Halloween costumes that matter and VH1 Blog’s ultimate gallery of VH1 stars’ costumes.)

Heidi Klum freaked the hell out of us at her annual Halloween Party at Tao Nightclub. She came dressed as a corpse, complete with being wheeled in on a gurney. Ice-T and Coco are obvious picks too. We don’t what the hell Coco was dressed as as usual — there wasn’t enough fabric on her to tell — but Ice-T was Hannibal Lecter. Kim Kardashian made a pretty sexy and convincing Poison Ivy while hosting the Midori Melon Green Halloween bash at Lavo. You clearly can’t wrap a white sheet around yourself and pass off as a ghost anymore. (VH1 Blog has your fave VH1 stars in costume too!)

Click away on our gallery to see our top 10 celebrity costumes for yourself. Happy Halloween!

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