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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hospitalized After Alleged Suicide Attempt

Sad news from London today: actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized following a suicide attempt on Tuesday. The Sun reports that paramedics arrived at his London home to find him “slumped on the floor” after ingesting pills. The Tudors star has publicly battled alcoholism and recently completed his fifth stint in rehab last fall. He is also owner of the second best set of lips in Hollywood, after Angelina Jolie‘s monster mouth. We hope JRM is getting the care and support he needs.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Facing Lawsuit After Drunken Plane Incident

What is it with celebrities and getting belligerently drunk on planes? Just sit down and watch eight episodes of Grounded for Life like the rest of us. The advice comes a little too late for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who faces a lawsuit over a drunken airport rant. United Airlines employee Kathryn Williams alleges that the Tutors star “assaulted, battered and verbally abused her after being barred from stepping on an early morning flight” last May. While the original story mentioned Rhys Meyers shouting the n-word in the airport, no mention was made of physical assault. That being said, Jonathan punched a Parisian airport employee in 2009. So, if you needed another reason to pull the emergency slide once you see the B-list British actor staggering down the aisle toward you, now you have it.

Williams is seeking more than $15,000 and claims that “The defendant committed tortuous acts consisting of verbally and physically abusing plaintiff causing her to sustain physical injuries and severe emotional distress,” leaving Williams unable to do her job. The actor is currelty banned from United Airlines. Rhys Meyers attended rehab immediately after the incident, though it was not his first stint in treatment. We hope Jonathan’s last trip helped; if not, soon he’ll be renting a jet-ski to get to press junkets.

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