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Christina Aguilera’s Divorce Finalized Today

Any shred of hope the world had for Christina Aguilera‘s five-year-old marriage to Jordan Bratman is gone: The pair finalized their divorce in court this morning. Aguilera filed for divorce back in October and, after a required six-month waiting period (which, for so many reasons, must have seemed like the roughest six months of her life), a judge finalized the request today.

As you already know, Aguilera didn’t need an official divorce to start shacking up with her new beau, Matthew Rutler, he moved in to her California home before Bratman had even gotten a chance to move out. Aguilera and Bratman plan to share custody of their 3-year-old, Max.

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Christina Aguilera’s Meltdown: Ex-Hubbie Won’t Move Out

Looks like that moving van outside Christina Aguilera‘s mansion wasn’t for her ex-husband after all. Despite word that Jordan Bratman moved out of the family home earlier this month (after Christina’s boyfriend Matthew Rutler moved in), Us reports that Jordan’s still keeping his home there—something the singer isn’t taking very well. “[Christina] was drinking and crying uncontrollably, talking about Jordan and the house,” their source said of a night out at The Dime Store last week. “She was working herself into more and more of a state.” Were Christina’s drunken antics at Jeremy Renner’s house a similar cry of frustration?

“She strong and wants to be there for [young son] Max,” said an insider. “But all this is very stressful for her.” The public may not have much sympathy for her either, with Bratman spotted regularly with Max while Aguilera talks up homewrecker Rutler in interviews. Will they be set for an ugly Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry-style custody battle if things get worse?

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Max Bratman Needs A Napkin!

Christina Aguilera‘s son Max was out with father Jordan Bratman in Venice, CA yesterday, chomping on pizza and romping around like the 3-year-old he is. Looks like Jordan forgot to get a napkin, though—Max had sauce all over his face after the mid-scamper meal. No doubt Christina would have applied mom’s saliva and a tissue to his mug immediately.

See photos of the daddy and Max in the gallery below.

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Christina Aguilera’s Ex-Husband Moves Out Weeks After Boyfriend Moves In

Christina Aguilera, Matthew Rutler & Jordan Bratman

If the math around Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy rumors wasn’t crazy enough, TMZ reports that the Aguilera homestead already had an extra guest until just recently—mom’s boyfriend! Though ex-husband Jordan Bratman didn’t move out until yesterday, Xtina’s new beau Matthew Rutler has reportedly being living there as well since last year. “Thank God Jordan is moving out,” says their source. “It was getting really awkward, but Christina was letting Jordan stay for the sake of Max.” Oh right, Jordan and Christina’s baby boy—the one that made her feel “more sexual.” And how.

Not to beat a conjecture to death, but isn’t it a little odd that Rutler would already be shacking up with Aguilera so soon into their relationship? Especially with Bratman still kicking—both metaphorically and literally—around the crib? We know we say pregnancy rumors a lot when it comes to Christina, but pregnancy rumors, yo. Pregnancy rumors.

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Christina Aguilera’s Split Lip Not A Result Of Domestic Violence

Well that’s certainly a relief. Despite reports implying that Christina Aguilera was abused by husband Jordan Bratman, it now appears that the split lip has nothing to do split up. It looks like the singer really did just take a tumble.

Days before their separation was announced, Christina was treated at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a bloody lip. Bratman told the staff that she had simply fallen down, yet rumors began to fly speculating that she received her injuries in a final blowout that ended their marriage. But according to TMZ, friends of the couple insist that she sustained her cuts and bruses as the result of “a simple fall. It’s as innocent as that.”

Obviously divorce is never a nice thing, particularly when there are children involved. But at least all of this nasty stuff proved to be false.

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Did Jordan Bratman Assault Christina Aguilera?


This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. We were all shocked to hear that Christina Aguilera was divorcing Jordan Bratman after five years and one child together. She cited “irreconcilable differences”, but the reasons for the split might be far more sinister if you believe one report. According to RadarOnline, nurses at LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medial Center treated Christina for a bloody lip late one night just days before the couple announced they were through.

“Christina was bleeding from her mouth and had a bit of a busted lip,” says a source present at the scene. “Jordan told the nurses she had fallen down.” The witness went on to add that she also had “bumps and red bruises” on her body. The singer’s private surgeon arrived a few minutes later to put some discrete stitches on the cut. Traces of the wound were visible in photos taken later that week, the day their separation was made public.

Aguilera’s reps are keeping quiet on the matter, but that doesn’t stop the speculation on how she sustained her injuries. Was this an innocent accident or was Jordan getting violent with Christina? We’d like to believe it’s the former. File this one under “Rumors We Hate”.

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Christina Aguilera’s Terrible Year Gets Worse: She And Her Husband Are Splitsville

56981764PG013_Agent_ProvocarnrnA few months ago, Christina Aguilera explained during a radio interview that she had become a “more sexual Christina” since giving birth to her son, Max. Sadly for her husband, Jordan Bratman, that ravenous sexual appetite apparently no longer applies to him: US Magazine is reporting this morning that Aguilera and Bratman have been “separated for a few months.” However, the two have yet to file any official paperwork that would land them an appointment in divorce court. rnrnThe year 2010 has not been kind to the Bionic bisexual, who has had to fight off charges that she’s a Lady Gaga copycat, cancel her tour due to a complete lack of public interest, and is poised to suffer a backlash of Mariah-circa-Glitter-esque proportions when her impending bomb Burlesque arrives in theaters this November. Even worse? No one has decided to devote an entire episode of Glee to her catalogue! Suffice to say, it looks as if the resulting stress from her career struggles have done some damage to her personal life. This one is, as they say, developing…rnrn[Photo Credit: Getty Images]