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Did Jennifer Aniston Kick Heidi Montag Off The Just Go With It Red Carpet?

Most people know enough not to bite the hand that feeds them; apparently no one told Heidi Montag you shouldn’t bad-mouth the hand to US Weekly either. According to Heidi Montag, Jennifer Aniston banned her from the Just Go With It premiere on Tuesday. “I’m so upset,” Heidi complained. “I was so excited! This is the first movie I’ve ever been in and I can’t walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing.'” Montag claims producers brokered a deal to keep her away from the movie’s other promotional events, but it was Aniston herself who kept Heidi from the premiere. However, Aniston’s reps have denied Heidi’s claims, telling Celebuzz, “We do not have anything to do with who gets invited, but besides that, Sony did invite Heidi to the premiere and did not get an rsvp from her.” How long do you think it’ll be before she realizes she’s going to regret blabbing to the press about her A-list co-stars? Sometimes we wonder about that woman. Well, all the time really.

Montag shot her cameo in Just Go With It last spring, when photos of Heidi in hot shorts flooded our brains. Even though she couldn’t rub elbows with the beautiful people at Tuesday’s premiere, Montag still wants us to see her first feature film. “See me with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston in “Just Go With It!” this Friday! Check out the trailer!” Heidi tweeted Monday. Well, let’s hope Heidi’s bid to get on Real Housewives pans out; it might be the only career option girl has left.


Brooklyn Decker’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

Whoever’s seen the Just Go With It trailer likely recalls one thing: Brooklyn Decker in a skimpy yellow bikini. Tennis star Andy Roddick‘s wifey is making the jump from the pages of Sports Illustrated to the big screen this week, and bringing the curvaceous swimsuit bod that’s made her famous. Decker stars as a hottie of the magnitude that finally persuades Adam Sandler to retire his playboy ways. Not a stretch, we know, but she also nabbed the lead role in 2012’s Battleship alongside Rihanna, Alexander Skarsgard, and Liam Neeson. Take a closer look at this blonde beauty on the rise.

20. Leopard Lady
19. Hot Pink
18. Flower Power
17. Shining Star
16. Geometric Goddess
15. Winged Wonder
14. A Blast Of Blue
13. Immaculate In Ivory
12. Suited Up
11. Backless Class
10. Bodacious in Blue
9. Turquoise Tease
8. Ballgown Beauty
7. Sexy Sandy
6. Glitzy Geek
5. Black and Gold
4. Bella in Burgundy
3. Pretty in Pink
2. Smells Like Roses
1. Teeny Weeny Yellow String Bikini

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Minka Kelly’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits

Born to an exotic dancer and former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, stunningly beautiful Minka Kelly first broke onto the scene via Friday Night Lights. Since cheerleading her way into the loins of teenage boys at the end of each week, she’s nabbed the heart of NY Yankee Derek Jeter and a starring role in The Roommate opposite Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester, hitting theaters this Friday. You can catch her next week, too, in Just Go With It starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Kelly is undoubtedly a starlet on the rise. Study up by taking a gander at her 20 Hottest Outfits (So Far). [Photos: Getty Images, ]

20. Sleek Style

19. Sweet Scarlet

18. Pale Pink Present

17. Sexy in Sequins

16. Leggy Hippie

15. Frilly Flair

14. Old Hollywood Glamour

13. Wrapped-Up Whimsy

12. Silver Stunner

11. Satin Seductress

10. White Hot

9. Strapless Wonder

8. Mauvelous

7. Short ‘N’ Sweet

6. Diamond Diva

5. Shining in Champagne

4. Strappy Chic

3. Buxom Beauty

2. Curves Ahead

1. Corseted Cutie

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Nicole Kidman Tortures Jen Aniston With Perfect Husband Keith Urban


It must have been hard for Jennifer Aniston to interview Critics’ Choice Movie Award nominee Nicole Kidman about her amazing spouse when she kept “getting something in her eye” and had to weep for 45 minutes at a time. As the Just Go With It co-stars revealed in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Nicole Kidman prayed for husband Keith Urban…or a man just like him. About meeting her future hubby in 2005, Kidman gushes, “I remember thinking, Oh my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I’d meet somebody, if not him, like him.” Jeez Nicole, have some tact. You don’t show a starving person your delicious pastrami sandwich when you know they don’t have one of their own.

Despite the wild success both women have had in their field, both Aniston and Kidman agree that nothing is more important than a man. Nothing! “Jen and I like to ask people if they would rather have a great love that lasts a lifetime or an amazing career where you go down in history. Some people do answer that they want an extraordinary career,” Nicole explained. Predictably Aniston didn’t agree with that point of view, maintaining “I know what I would choose. That’s a no-brainer. I would choose the love of my life.” We get it, Jen! You’re a 40-year-old millionaire with the body of a college sophomore, but it all means nothing without a big slobbery dope to love. We get it already.

[Photo: Splash News Online]


Brooklyn Decker Flaunts Cover Girl Curves, Kills Our Self Esteem


Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Victoria’s Secret Angel, and Andy Roddick trophy wife Brooklyn Decker frolicked on a beach in Hawaii today, showing off what pays her bills. Decker donned a teeny yellow bikini while shooting a scene for Just Go With It, a comedy starring Adam Sandler, Jen Aniston, Nicole Kidman…and Heidi Montag. She plays Sandler’s dream girl in the film, a role we’re sure she plays in the mind of any guy who’s seen this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue. Excuse us while we go eat our dinner of carrots while simultaneously doing 10,000 crunches. [Photo: Splash News]

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