Madonna’s Children’s Charities Investigated By FBI

Two non-profit charities founded by Madonna are having a rough week. Raising Malawi, a charity based in the country where Madonna adopted two of her children, was supposed to provide an academy for girls in the impoverished country, but plans for the school fell apart after accusations that its board mismanaged donated funds. Tens of millions of dollars worth of mismanaged funds. In addition, a lawsuit was filed against Madonna last week by former employees of the academy who claim they were never paid. After an audit of the company, it was discovered that the donated funds were used for “salaries, office space, cars with private drivers and a golf membership.”

It was just revealed that another of Madonna’s charities, Success For Kids, is under investigation by the FBI. Success for Kids has raised over $33 million since its inception but it is currently being investigated for “several irregularities and suspicious activity.” The charity reportedly provides lessons on emotional empowerment to children all over the world. The Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles, which helped found and fund these charities, is also under investigation for misappropriating funds. Dear Madonna, sounds like you should get out of the charity game now before anything else goes wrong.

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Naomi Campbell Has A New Outlook On Kabbalah

SPL178480_001She’s a supermodel. She can totally change her mind whenever she wants to, right? Naomi Campbell dissed Kabbalah and compares it to rehab, and threw in Madonna’s name in for good measure too. She scathed, ” I knew about Kabbalah before Madonna got involved. Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s a program. I don’t like to get hooked on things like that. It reminds me of A.A. but just with different words. They’ve got the same principles. We’re all looking for positivity in our lives and looking towards the light but I just believe in God.”

Now the slap-happy supermodel’s apparently changed her mind, and has been meeting up in secret with Madge’s Kabbalah mentor Eitan Yardeni. Spies report that the supermodel met Yardeni at Manhattan’s Kabbalah Center shortly before taking off to Europe with her Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin. Maybe all that business with a blood diamond got her stressed out.

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