Kalup Linzy

by (@hallekiefer)

James Franco New Music Video Is Exceedingly James Franco

Floating wigs, lightening and a beat that could have been stolen from Prince‘s recording studio in 1993 via time machine: yup, sounds about right for James Franco’s music video for “Rising.” A track on Franco’s upcoming album Turn It Up with drag performance artist Kalup Linzy, “Rising” seems to declare to the world, “I know that I can overcome all of life’s obstacles… specifically this giant tuxedo-wearing  Ghost Franco that follows me around everywhere I go.” The video’s end credits indicate that Franco supplied “additional footage,” which make sense seeing as how he doesn’t actually seem to be audibly singing. Overall we feel like the whole video is  just an exercise in creepy smiles and rhyming “me” with “me.” That being said, if someone is interested in making a dubstep remix? We might have a summer jam in the palm of over grinning, bow-tie wearing hands.

by (@hallekiefer)

James Franco Drops His First Album Turn It Up In July

In his eternal quest to fill all your face holes, and mind, with his greatness, James Franco’s album Turn It Up drops on July 12, the first of what will undoubtedly be a parade of bizarre musical offerings. Franco paired up with drag performance artist Kalup Linzy to form Kalup and Franco for the album; the two met when James invited Kalup to join him during James Franco’s General Hospital stint, which had we remembered to watch at the time, would have been the only reason we would ever, ever see General Hospital.

Vulture describes the duo, who release their song “I Love You” at New York’s Fashion Week this past February, as a true collaboration. “Linzy said he plays piano and comes up with basic chords, and Franco sends him music he likes and they riff off of that. Both do vocals and produce their own tracks. They’re also in the process of producing videos to run with their live performances,” they reported at the time, Seeing as how the two performed at Sundance in blond wigs and are committed to amazing live performances, Lady Gaga better watch her steez, and quick.