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Drake Joins Fan For An Impromptu Karoake Duet Of “What’s My Name”

Drake comes across adorably in this video of his spontaneous karaoke version of “What’s My Name?” After a fan starts belting out his hit song with Rihanna at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood, the “Take Care” singer gladly raps along, sticks around for the entire tune even after bashfully returning to his seat, and even gives his duet partner a bear hug after she essentially proposes to him via song.

The real winner of the night, however, is that fan. Girl is on point! Between the roaring fire behind her, the Lil Jon screams coming from the audience and her sheer proximity to Drake, we’re impressed “Dee,” as she identifies herself on YouTube, was able to remain conscious, let alone coherent enough to hit the right notes. Not us, man. We’d be face down under the bar the second Drake first flashed those pearly whites at us. Just an complete face-plant before we even got to the bridge.

by (@hallekiefer)

Jason Segal, ‪John Krasinski‬ Serenade Bachelorette Party, Blow-Up Doll

That sex doll looks furious that someone is stealing his thunder, and no, we are not talking about Jason Segal (for once). While most of us settle for Jell-O shots and a tasteful penis tiara, what a better way to get ready for your wedding than having your fantasy husbands Jason Segal and John Krasinski karaoke serenade your bachelorette party? The Office star and The Muppets actor rocked out to Van Morrison‘s “Brown-Eyed Girl” with the unsuspecting “Alissa” in an Ann Arbor bar this past weekend, which seems like the ideal way to commemorate your singledom before locking it down with your normal, non-famous husband the next day.

Segal, Emily Blunt and Community‘s Alison Brie are currently in Michigan shooting The Five Year Engagement. Later in the night Segal and Krasinski crooned “With A Little Help From My Friends,” while Blunt and Brie brought down the house with “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Sure, maybe having John’s wife there sort of ruined the illusion a little bit, but there is always sweet, sweet Segal. Barring that, there’s always that grimacing, goateed blow-up doll.

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