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Hef’s Twins Celebrate Playboy Spread


Hugh Hefner threw his twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon a little soiree on Friday night to celebrate their July/August double issue of Playboy. #1 girlfriend Crystal Harris also came out to Hollywood club MyHouse to support the twins in their Playboy debut. As usual, the twins dressed in matching getups and partied the night away to celebrate their naked photo spread. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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First Look: Hef’s Twins Do Playboy


It’s here! Hugh Hefner‘s twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon appear in the July/August double issue of Playboy magazine, where the hotties talk about their new home, dating Hef, and life as twins.

“When we talk to people, we don’t say, ‘We live at the Mansion.’ We say, ‘Yeah, that’s our house. We’re home.’ We even have Hef’s famous round bed in our room,” the twins say.

In their new issue, Karissa and Kristina don matching sailor hats and tennis skirts, continuing their tradition of dressing alike and doing everything together since they were little.

“We feel as if we’re one. In each other we always have a best friend,” they say. Check out photos from their issue in our gallery! [Photo: Courtesy Playboy]

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Hef Can’t Tell Twin Girlfriends Apart

hugh hefner & the shannon twins

Those who believed Hugh Hefner had genuine romantic feelings for girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon will be heartbroken to learn that the octogenarian can’t actually tell the 19-year-old twins apart. “I have one little trick, one little mark,” Hef reportedly confessed. “But other than that, I don’t know.” But what about those long, soul-searching conversations that are the hallmark of any relationship? Don’t tell us you’re only interested in sex, Hef!

If that wasn’t enough creepy old guy talk for you, Hef also hopes Kendra Wilkinson‘s bun in the oven will wind up a bunny at the Ranch. “I’m sure the baby will end up at the Mansion…We have a lot of friends and second generation Playmates, so there are a lot of kids around the Mansion these days.” We’re sure doctors will be working around the clock to keep him alive for her 18th birthday.

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Hef’s Twins Show The Lakers Love


Hugh Hefner and girlfriends Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon made quite an entrance when they hit the LA Lakers game last night. Karissa and Kristina wore matching pink bootie shorts and heels, of course, while number one girl Crystal sported a Lakers jersey dress.

They must have been a good cheering squad as the Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets 103-94, giving them a 3-2 lead in the playoffs. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Inside Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year Party


Last night at the Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner named the 50th Annual Playmate of the Year, Ida Lindqvist, during an elegant ceremony.  But Hef, who arrived with new girlfriends Crystal Harris and Karissa and Kristina Shannon, thought he almost wouldn’t make the party.

“There was a moment in time that I didn’t think I was gonna make it. If I missed this, I would have killed myself,” Hef told guests, who included 50 past Playmates who came to Sin City to celebrate Playboy’s highest honor. Hef said this Playmate of the Year ceremony “tops them all” and described Ida as “truly unique.”

Ida blushed as Hef handed her a specially engraved bottle of Patron Platinum, keys to a new Mazda 6 sports sedan, and a check for $100,000. She credited Hef with “changing her life,” and said that “thank you is hardly appropriate for what you have done.”

Karissa and Kristina, who snapped photos of their boyfriend on their personal camera while he spoke to the crowd, showed up in matching white jeans and long brown blouses. While Hef’s twins hopped from table to table at the party and danced, Hef’s new #1 girl Crystal Harris attended to her man, even escorting him to the bathroom.

Hef credited Holly Madison and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood for finding Ida while she was working at a Bebe clothing store on Rodeo Drive and taking her out of the boutique and onto the pages of Playboy.

Holly was in an upbeat mood while she looked on from a separate table, where she chatted with Playmates and told The FABlife, “I’m ready to cause trouble. We need skateboards.”

The 50 Playmates in attendance took the stage for a special photo op, including KISS’ Gene Simmons‘ longtime love, 1982 Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed, who told The FABlife, “I’m starting to feel old at these things.”

Check out our gallery of inside Hef’s exclusive 2009 Playmate of the Year party! [Photos: Peter Baratti]

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EXCLUSIVE: Holly Threw Hef Naughtiest Birthday Party Ever

Although their boyfriend’s 83rd birthday is not until April, Hef’s new girlfriends Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon better start thinking of a great gift. Hef’s ex Holly Madison has left the ladies with a tough act to follow when it comes to wowing Hef on his birthday.

A beautiful, busty blonde tells Scandalist that last April she was called by Holly as part of a “special birthday surprise” for Mr. Playboy. “Holly arranged for seven girls to come over to the mansion as a surprise for Hef’s birthday,” says the blonde, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We all got totally naked and rubbed baby oil all over our bodies. Then we lined up all in a row and Holly walked Hef in and yelled ‘Surprise, Honey!’ Hef had a huge smile on his face and then the real fun began.”

The seven girls put on a wild show for Hef and Holly. The man who already has it all was reportedly very ecstatic. See, he’s not totally impossible to shop for!

Pictured below, Holly Madison through the ages …

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Playboy Honors Aubrey O’Day With A Little Bump N’ Grind

Playboy threw a celebration last night in honor of trash-bomb Aubrey O’Day, who graces the mag’s March cover. Hugh Hefner and his ladies friends showed up in full force, and the group spent the evening grinding like only a rich old dude and his posse of golddiggers can.

Twin girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Stephens – decked out in matching Obama tees- rubbed themselves all over their meal ticket as Paris Hilton awkwardly looked on, clearly out-slutted (and confused by it). Aubrey, however, avoided the dry humping to focus most of her attention on making out with her dog. Just another night with the kinda rich and barely famous! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Freshest Of ’08: Britney Spears

This year’s freshest award goes to veteran pop star Britney Spears, who made a public comeback by appearing at MTV’s VMAs and then topping charts with her new album (Circus). Gossip Girl hottie Blake Lively took second place.

Scandalist Mobile Winner: Britney Spears.

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The Ladies We’re Thankful Exist

This Thanksgiving, instead of giving thanks for tired old things like a loving family (did that last year), good health (but you do have that nagging cold) and caring friends (who really just use up your phone minutes), why don’t you give thanks for the things that truly bring you joy, day in and day out: ladies. Whether they’re simply running around on a ridiculous tropical vacation or getting into some crazy hijinks, these ladies serve to brighten our otherwise dull days with vicious catfights and tons of skin.

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Freshest Of ’08: Vote Now!

2008 was full of fresh celebrity faces. Blake Lively busted out as the sexy star of the hit show Gossip Girl. Hugh Hefner traded in 28-year-old Holly Madison for a brand new set of blonde girlfriends, 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon. John McCain picked more than a running mate when he tapped Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee; he provided a colorful new character for 2008 who fueled tabloid covers, Saturday Night Live skits, and even a porno called Nalin’ Palin.

Although she’s generated headlines for a decade, a post-rehab and post-headshaving Britney Spears debuted a new, fresh persona, complete with a parental conservatorship, a new schedule that replaced nightclubbing with philanthropic visits, a composed VMA appearance, and a new album aptly titled Circus.

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