karissa shannon


Hef’s Twins: Criminal Counterparts

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, Hugh Hefner‘s new live-in twins, come complete with a colorful criminal record. The twins were both busted by St. Petersburg, Florida cops for aggravated assault and battery. Apparently earlier this year the twins went out to party after work with one of their Wing House co-workers, Erica Civello. Kristina allegedly started arguing with Erica, and Karissa came up behind her and hit Erica over the head with a bottle of beer and they both “jumped her.” Erica suffered a concussion. They both received probation and were ordered to pay restitution to the two victims.

But these twins don’t do everything together – Karissa received a misdemeanor battery charge on her own in 2007. No wonder Kendra Wilkinson has been locking her door when she leaves her room at the mansion to keep out “random ass hoes.” Check out the twins’ victim after the jump! [Source:TMZ;Photo:Booking Agent, MySpace]

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