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Inside Kim Kardashian’s OK! Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian in OK!

We showed you Kim Kardashian‘s sexy OK! cover last week, but now you can see the sizzling inside photos of Kim prancing around the beach in different skimpy bikinis. Kim’s tough day at work took place in the Bahamas, where she showed off her post-Quick Trim body that is supposedly 15 pounds smaller than before. Check out our gallery of Kim’s photo shoot!

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Lamar To Khloe: What’s Mine Is Yours


Khloe Kardashian is doing her part planning for two, so hubby Lamar Odom decided to do a little something to show his appreciation. After it was reported that the $4 million Tarzana, CA mansion that Lamar and Khloe live in was in Lamar’s name alone, the Laker rushed down to the courthouse and filed legal papers to give his reality star wife half the crib. And by the way, Lamar didn’t even have to do that! According to their prenup, Lamar has the right to keep his home in his name. Now this is true love! [Source: TMZ; Photo: Getty Images]


Kourtney Kardashian Debuts Post-Baby Body


Kourtney Kardashian just popped out little Mason Dash Disick, but the new mom looks like she already is getting back in shape. Sister Kim Kardashian was house-hunting over the weekend, and Mason and his mama joined in to offer an opinion on Kim’s potential new crib. Check out our gallery of Kourtney and baby Mason! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Kim Kardashian Can’t Lose Her Cellulite


Although she has been flaunting her figure on the cover of OK! and in Quick Trim ads, Kim Kardashian claims her trimmed down figure is not perfect. “I don’t have a problem telling people, ‘Hey, look, I have cellulite,’” she says. “I do everything in my power to fix it. I never said cellulite was cute. But I have it. I embrace it. I’m ok with it!”

Although Kim worked hard to get in tip-top shape, she said not everyone was happy about it. “I looked really toned,” she said of her Quick Trim ads. “I got a lot of flack for that. [People said] ‘Oh, don’t lose your curves! Why did you lose weight?…You look heavier when you’re on TV, so it’s better to get your weight down,” she said.

One person who loves her new fit lifestyle? Her boyfriend Reggie Bush! “I’ve been setting my alarm, getting up and going to the gym,” she says. “That, to him, is sexy!” [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Khloe Kardashian “Planning – Not Eating” For Two


Khloe Kardashian has had a lot of new things to get used to in a year, including becoming an aunt and wife, but the most challenging? Coordinating with her husband Lamar Odom‘s schedule. “I’m very independent. I’m very spontaneous. Now it’s like you gotta clear it with everyone’s schedule. That’s the only thing I’m not used to. I’m planning for two and it’s kind of weird,” the reality star said.

And although Khloe is planning for two, she insists despite the extra weight she’s carrying, she is not eating for two. “I’m not pregnant but I definitely want kids,” Khloe says. “I gained seven pounds of love weight. I think because Kourtney just had a baby that people are like, okay, either you or Kim has to, and I just got married so it comes natural.”

Although Khloe says she is ready for kids, she believes little ones will come along when the time is right. “I’m 25, so if it’s supposed to happen, it’s going to happen. And if I’m older and it hasn’t happened I’m going to be like, all right – let’s get this thing going. Right now, I’m good,” she said. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Kim Kardashian Looks OK!


When they are not slithering around in soft-core themed Quick Trim ads, the Kardashian sisters throw on bikinis and pose on the cover of OK!, just so no one forgets about them. Kim strutted her stuff on the cover of OK! magazine and on the inside dishes on her diet secrets and her at-home workout. The cover claims she lost 15 pounds – and kept it off. Surely it has something to do with Quick Trim, right?!


It Smells Like Kim Is Ka$hing In Again!


After Kim Kardashian went soft-core with her Quick Trim ad, the reality starlet decided she wanted to do a little something different when she shot the ad for her latest moneymaker, her new namesake perfume. She called up her pal Snooki and borrowed one of her classy giant hoop earrings so she could pose seductively in it while pushing her new scent. That was nice of Snooki to be so generous with her luxurious jewels, although if she had her way she would have had Kimbo hit the tanning bed before such an important photo shoot and would have advised the photographer to shoot Kim from the back, so her thong was more exposed. But she gives Kim props for trying and thinks the white feathered jacket she borrowed from Tiger Woods‘ mistress #12 was a nice touch. Like Kim, we can all only aspire to the elegance and dignified style of our fave Jersey Shore cast member.


Kim And Khloe’s Sexy Quick Trim Ad

Although Kim Kardashian tries to keep her sex-tape past behind her, one can’t help but remember where the reality show star got her start when viewing her new Quick Trim ad. Kim face-f*cks the camera and parades around in her bikini, while sis Khloe slithers around in bed in a men’s white collared shirt. Everything in this commercial screams soft-core: from the cheesy music to Kim seductively looking into the camera and asking, “How hot can you be?” Those Kardashians know what they’re good at!


Kim And Khloe Kourtside


Kim Kardashian reportedly makes $10,000 per tweet, but that doesn’t mean she should be glued to the phone when she goes to watch brother-in-law Lamar Odom play with his Lakers! Kim and Khloe sat courtside at Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night, but spent a lot of their time looking at something fascinating on Kim’s phone. Despite the fact that they weren’t focusing on the game – the Lakers clearly were. They beat the Mavericks 131-96! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Scott Disick: Reformed Babydaddy Or Still Bad News?


Kourtney Kardashian, baby Mason, and babydaddy Scott Disick proudly posed on the cover of Life & Style and looked the picture of a very happy family, but is Scott still bad news? According to a pal of the new mom, when she was just weeks away from giving birth she was working hard around the house and allegedly Scott wouldn’t lift a finger. “It was shocking,” the source said, “Here was Kourtney almost nine months pregnant doing all this and he didn’t offer to help her.”

Scott doesn’t exactly have the cleanest record as Kourtney’s boyfriend. In season three of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney thought she busted Scott cheating when she found some suspicious text messages. Kourtney called off her relationship with Scott in February after she suspected him of being unfaithful, but the pair reunited and in August Kourtney announced that Scott was the father of her child.

Scott better be careful! Those Kardashians take no prisoners when it comes to messing with one of them. Khloe got violent with Scott and even accused him of “brainwashing” Kourtney. Does Khloe know about Scott’s reported lazy move? If so, this babydaddy might want to invest in a bullet proof vest. [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]