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Kim Kardashian: Down For The Count


The whole Kardashian clan showed up to support Kim Kardashian and brother Rob Kardashian as they got in the ring and boxed for charity. Rob’s match reportedly caused quite a stir as his much larger opponent went full steam attack on him, which infuriated the family and made them hold up the match for over an hour. Despite the drama in the ring, the event was a success as it raised money for The Dream Foundation. What’s a few punches in the face to help out the less fortunate? [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Khloe Kardashian’s Wedding Video!

Khloe Kardashian got married so quickly after a whirlwind romance with Lamar Odom that we barely had time to blink before she was “Mrs. Odom.” Luckily it was all captured on video. Here’s a sneak peek of the moments leading up to Khloe’s star-studded big day. The clip shows Khloe saying goodnight to her bridesmaids the night before her wedding and follows  Kobe Bryant, Kelly Osbourne, and other celebs as they arrive to watch Khloe and Lamar tie the knot.


Kim Kardashian Considers Moving To New Orleans For Reggie Bush


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back on, and this time around it seems both of them are making a bigger effort to make their relationship work. The ball player and the reality star split the first time due to “conflicting schedules,” but Kim is reportedly considering moving to the same city as her man to avoid their original problem.

“Things with Reggie are awesome,” Kim said. When asked about a possible move to New Orleans, Kim coyly said, “…who knows what the future will hold.” One thing Kim is not changing however, is her sexy style. For Halloween, Kim was even told by her sister she had to tone down her original costume which was too scandalous even for a fellow Kardashian. “I am going to be Princess Jasmine because my sister said my original costume was too racy and I wasn’t allowed at her party if I dressed as that. So I went out and got a Disney Costume, I’m going to be Princess Jasmine.” [Source:; Photos: Getty Images]


Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Shower Invitation


Super pregnant Kourtney Kardashian is about to pop out that baby boy, so leave it to sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, and mom Kris Jenner to throw a bash in the unborn spawn’s honor.

“Please join us for a baby shower honoring Kourtney Kardashian, November 14, 2009, noon,” says the invitation.

The Lehr & Black invitations are in the shape of wings and printed on light blue stock. If you are lucky enough to get one, it’s sure to be a great party! Hopefully Kourtney got her alarm system fixed so that robber doesn’t come back on “November 14, 2009, noon” to swipe more gems!!! [Photo: Getty Images]


Khloe And Lamar Get Inked


After signing their names on the dotted lines on their prenup, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have again used ink to show their love: the newlyweds got tattoos on Saturday. According to Khloe’s blog, she and her hubby were having a bite to eat when she decided they should go get tattoos. It seems that Khloe and Lamar feel the same way about tattoos as they do about weddings.

“I think the best tattoos are the spontaneous ones, because that way you are not only left with the tattoo, but an amazing memory to go along with it,” Khloe says. Lamar got his new wife’s initials tattooed on both hands and Khloe got her man’s initials tattooed in cursive on the web of her right hand. Check out Lamar and Khloe’s new ink and our gallery of other fabulous celebrity tattoos.

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Kardashians: We Have A Hunch Who Robbed Kourtney


Mom Kris Jenner is playing detective in  pregnant Kourtney Kardashian‘s robbery case. “We have a hunch! It was a group thing!” Kris told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show.

“Here’s the thing. We are in principal production on a reality show [with] cameras rolling at all times. So somebody had to know exactly what time to get in and get out. When cameras weren’t rolling. It was just very interesting, the timing,” the Kardashian mama hen says.

Kourtney Kardashian was burglarized the evening of October 17th, when she went out for dinner with babydaddy Scott Disick. Among the $180,000 in jewelry stolen was a watch Kris gave Kourtney’s father Robert Kardashian on their wedding day, that she had passed on to Kourtney. “That was a really special piece of jewelry I had given my first born daughter – now it’s gone,” Kris said. [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Khloe And Lamar Talk Babies


Now that they’ve got their prenup signed, it’s on to the next step for the relationship speedracing supercouple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. After getting hitched after less than a month of dating, it’s no wonder they are already talking babies! “Maybe one day, hopefully,” Lamar said of some future Kardashian-Odom spawn. “That’s what kings and queens are put on this earth for, to have offspring.” So humble.

Of their whirlwind courtship, Lamar said, “When you know, you know! My wife is a beautiful person and she looks alright, too. She looks beautiful. I’m lucky! I guess we push each other. But she does her thing. She understands, and she looks good.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Splash News Online]


Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian!


Twenty-nine years ago today, a little bootylicious bundle of joy named Kim Kardashian was born into the world. Who knew this little one would grow up to cause all kinds of antics like making a sex tape, palling around with Paris Hilton, starring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and providing us endless hours of entertainment and shock at her outfits and stunts.

Kim kicked off her birthday celebrations early, by having a wild party at Tao in Las Vegas last week. Tonight Kim will have an “all girls” dinner in L.A. “This will be fun and I can let loose with all my best friends,” Kim said. “My bday keeps getting better and better,” Kim wrote on Twitter. Happy Birthday, Kim! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Khloe And Lamar Sign Pre-nup


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have signed on the dotted line of their elaborate pre-nup, making their new marriage almost official. If they split, Khloe will get a $500,000 lump sum plus $25,000 per month in general support, as well as $5000 per month for shopping, $1000 per month for beauty care AND courtside Lakers tickets for the entire Kardashian family. Their wedding license is expected to be officially filed this week. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Kim Minus Reggie Plus Kardashians To Celebrate Kim’s Birthday Tonight

Her real birthday is still a week away, but Kim Kardashian will kick off her 29th birthday celebration tonight at Las Vegas’ Tao nightclub. Although Kim’s family and Keeping Up With the Kardashians co-stars Kris, Bruce, Khloe, and even pregnant Kourtney, will be at the soiree, noticeably absent will be on-again boyfriend Reggie Bush. “He can’t come because of the game,” Kim said. Check out the above promo video, which anoints Kim “America’s Princess.”