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Kardashian Empire Expands As Khloe And Lamar Get A Spin-Off


Kardashian lovers rejoice, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are now a spinoff! It was confirmed today that the couple will star in their own show, tentatively titled Khloe & Lamar. Just one more show about Kardashians to keep up with, right guys?

As with all other family ventures, momager Kris Jenner will act as executive producer, as will Ryan Seacrest.  Khlomar has honestly exceeded our expectations as a couple, staying together for over one whole year and making their decision to get couples-tattoos miraculously un-regrettable thus far. Hopefully having their own show won’t be their downfall! No doubt Khloe wanted additional screen time since the spin-off featuring her sisters, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, debuts this month.

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The Kardashian’s Cancel Their Credit Cards

Remember how the Kardashian sisters got their own prepaid debit card (presumably because the mint turned them down)? Well, the cards are being withdrawn from sale after only three weeks. Fiscally irresponsible teenagers will have to find a new way to buy their Frappuccinos.

The K sisters pulled out of the Mastercard deal after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal claimed that the card was racked with potentially illegal “predatory” fees. In fact, the fees for their card are higher most prepaid debit card on the market. Use of the card alone costs $99.95 for the first year, not to mention the money that you have to put on it. It costs $7.95 each month after that, $1 to check the balance and $1.50 to withdraw. Got a problem with it? Call the help-line for $1.50 a call. Want to cancel? No biggie, but first fork over $6. It’s figures like this that make us glad we keep our money in a shoebox under our mattress.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians is impossible with this card,” claims Blumenthal. “Consumers lose money before they use money. Even before consumers spend a dime, the Kardashian Kard fees swallow the card’s value.” It could have been worse—they could have made it so it only worked at DASH. But cheer up, Kardashian sisters! Maybe we can pull some strings and get your faces on a license plate or something. “Kar-Dashian Plates: The perfect Sweet Sixteen gift.”

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The Kardashians Make Bar Brawl A Family Affair


When you take on one Kardashian, you take on all of the Kardashians. One woman learned that lesson the hard way last night at the Manhattan hotspot Juliet. While the sisters were out celebrating the fact that they’re Kardashians, Kim was attacked by an enraged girlfriend of a male fan. All the dude wanted was a picture, but apparently his ladyfriend thought they were flirting. That’s when she harnessed all of her crazy, marched up to Kim and threw a drink in her face.

According to TMZ, things went downhill from there. Khloe and part-time Kardashian-babydaddy/full-time-tool Scott Disick had to jump in to pull the furious girl off of Kim. Khloe lost her wedding ring in the scuffle and “literally dove across the floor to retrieve it.” For his efforts, Scott was kicked out of the club, and the rest of the K-Krew exited soon after.

You don’t usually think of the Kardashian’s getting into bar brawls. Maybe they’re trying to compete with Jersey Shore. Kim And Kourtney Take Seaside Heights, anyone?

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The Kardashian Sisters Actually Love Each Other


Sure, we know the Kardashian sisters are hamming it up for their reality show cameras in this pic. But we can’t help but “awww” over how cute they look being all sisterly and goofy and dorky together! That is, right after we seethe with envy over their fierce boots. Yes, we know we sound like Tyra Banks dropping fierce as a modifier in a sentence, but for reals, guys – Kim and Khloe’s sparkly/studded footgear is to dieeeee for. And this is coming from someone who wears Toms 24/7. We know what we’re talking ’bout!

The girls are in NYC to launch a new store – and tape their show – and they seemed genuinely happy to be reunited. Real emotion coming from celebrities. Who would have thought it possible?

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Snooki Is the Fourth Kardashian Sister


That long plastic hair, those lush fake eye lashes, the legendary curves…yep, Snooki has just established herself as the long-lost Kardashian sister. Snook, she of the giant house slippers, posted this pic of her and her new BFFs at Khloe‘s one-year wedding anniversary party. (Wait, people have those?!) Don’t they look thick as thieves?

The Jersey Shore-lette also tweeted a snapshot of her and mama-bear Kris Kardashian, writing, “Kris is bangin, just sayennn.” We’re sure Bruce Jenner would agree, Nicole. Now isn’t it time to sit down with your new clan and pitch a hybrid reality show? Keeping Up With The Kardashians As They Slum It On The Jersey Shore? That sounds like a start.

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Khloé And Lamar Defy The Odds By Celebrating Their One-Year Anniversary!

It seems like just yesterday that Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom got married in a rush job wedding only one month after they met. The romance and subsequent nuptials were a boon to Vegas oddsmakers and a shock to anyone who is even slightly familiar with the boyfriend history of the Kardashian girls – in short, we never thought they’d last. And yet here we are, one whole year later, wishing these two a happy anniversary. Honestly, the odds of this couple staying together appeared even worse than the odds of Khloe meeting the president— what??! That wasn’t just some bad dream we had? What the hell??

In honor of the pair’s paper anniversary, let’s look back on them as they have been over the past year, happy, successful and with Khloé trailing Lamar everywhere they go. Mazel Tov, you crazy kids!

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Kim Kardashian Was Gunning For Reality Stardom Before She Could Tie Her Shoes


If you’re thinking Kim Kardashian stumbled into reality TV infamy purely by sexy accident, think again; she’s actually been planning it since grade school. In an interview with Allure, Kardashian explains what was going on in the adolescent mind of the reality TV diva, saying “in elementary school, The Real World came on and I was like, That’s it! I know I want to be on a reality show. And I was like, OK, when I’m old enough, I will make an audition tape.” Who could have predicted that audition tape would also star Ray J and an overly ornate wrought iron headboard?

Unlike us, Kim is totally over her scandalous beginnings, brushing aside questions about her sex tape while admitting, “Not my most proud moment. It was humiliating. But now let’s move on.” Move on?! From illicit nudity?! Allright, but only if we can get a super-TMI peek at your grooming habits. Says Kim, “I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless.” See, that’s one stereotype that Armenians just can’t shake: they all love lasers!

Kardashian goes on to dish about sisters Khloe and Kourtney, her love life, and her elite all-girls high school, where she was voted “Most Likely to Meet Her Husband at the Million Man March” and “Most Likely to Lie About Her Ethnicity.” That’s not a joke on our part; those were actual categories. Wow, no wonder Kim wanted to get on reality TV so bad; it probably looked like an oasis of sanity compared to her classmates. Kardashian also said she would love to explore a possible sitcom in the future, “maybe about a career woman,” perhaps not realizing that she already living in one, albeit with more butt-related story arcs. [Photo: Getty Images]


The Kardashian Sisters Set To Launch Clothing Line: Yay Or Yawn?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know that this family was able to turn daughter Kim’s sex tape scandal into nothing short of an empire, one that ranges from reality television shows to consumer products. Now, according to People Magazine, the Kardashian sisters are launching a clothing line with international designer Bruno Schiavi and his Australian-based apparel company, Jupi Corporation.

Not only will Khloe, Kourtney and Kim be launching their own official line of clothing, but they’ll also be getting paid to lend their name “designing” accessories and home products, too. A press release from Jupi Corporation reports that plans are already underway after the first collection is completed to extend the brand into luggage, swimwear, shoes and kids fashion. Take note, Heidi Montag, because the dynamic trio of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are putting on a clinic as to how to parlay reality television fame into big business.

Seriously though, is it just us or are new business deals involving this family announced on a weekly basis? It hasn’t even been a week since Khloe announced that she and hubby Lamar Odom are launching a unisex cologne, but don’t forget all the other crap that is sure to sit under our Christmas trees this December: self-tanner, the QuickTrim diet system, PerfectSkin products, the Kardashians by BeBe clothing line, Kim’s very own perfume and Kardashians for Beach Bunny Swimwear. So, to answer the question “Yay or Yawn/”, we’re saying yawn! But give it a year and we’re predicting that the Kardashians will be building houses next to Vanilla Ice, a definite yay!

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Khloe Kardashian’s Back Taxes Come To Bite Her On Her Famous Butt

Explain something to us: Do celebrities feel that taxes are an optional activity? That if their crazy schedules cause them to “forget” one year, the government will magically make them disappear? Plus, with all the gazillion dollars they make, would it not be wise to give a teeny tiny amount of that cash to an accountant to sort out their finances so they don’t have to sweat their famous brows? Apparently, not.

Khloe Kardashian obviously thought that IRS were fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians or something, because she decided to stop paying taxes in 2007, when the show debuted on E!. Khloe owes a grand total of $18,490.74 to the state of California. Come on KK, that’s like pocket change to you! You and your sisters can’t “take Miami” if you’re stuck in a Kourthouse! Learn something from the likes these famous tax evaders (photos). They’re celebrities too and – newsflash! – the government doesn’t care.


Bikini Shots Prove Kendall Jenner Is A Kardashian Through And Through


At first glance, we thought the picture above was Khloe Kardashian, doing what the Kardashians do best – pose vacantly while promoting their #1 product: themselves. But in reality, that bikini shot isn’t 26-year-old Khloe, it’s of her 14-year-old half-sister Kendall Jenner. Proving once again that we’re elderly “get-off-my-lawn” types, we just don’t think this is right to see this much boob from a fourteen-year-old.

The shot (along with a gallery of fashion poses) was posted to Kim Kardashian‘s blog a few days ago, alongside a caption from Kim reading “The whole family is so proud of Kendall. Soooo much more to come!” How much more can there be? We’re already seeing a lot. We kid, (sort of). See, the Kardashian girls are most famous for three things: sex tapes (Kim), getting knocked up by a total dickhead (Kourtney), and obsessing over weight and having a whirlwind wedding (Khloe).

Now that they’re prepping young Kendall to walk in their footsteps, we’d love for her to do something that’s not a total Hollywood cliché that makes women seem like overly sexual, vapid a**holes. From the photo shoot we can tell she is absolutely gorgeous, Kim is right to be proud of her little sis, but releasing serious cleavage shots of an adolescent girl is just creepy, that’s just how we were (primly and prudishly) raised. Hell, seeing this makes Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen (who are both 17) look downright mature and adult. Are we wrong here, is this kind of attention just the norm now and we’re just an old maid or what?

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