Kendra Shows Off Hank Baskett IV


Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to her son less than a month ago, but already the big (almost 10 pounds!) guy is very friendly with the camera. After his debut on the cover of OK!, Henry Randall Baskett IV is now posing for his mom’s Twitter page. Kendra posted the above photo and dished about Hank’s sleeping habits. He is “not sleepin thru night all the way yet,” Kendra says. He does, however like to sleep when it’s light out! He “sleeps thru the day good” she said.

Despite her lack of sleep, Kendra said her new family had a great holiday. “The best gift i got is in my arms now,” she says, adding that she and little Hank spent the day after Christmas “jammin to some Stevie Wonder.” The reality star gave birth on December 11th. [Source: Us Weekly]


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Kendra Wilkinson’s Son “100% Healthy”


Kendra Wilkinson‘s baby Hank Randall Baskett IV is just over a week old, but already he has graced the cover of his first tabloid and is the subject of his mom’s Twitter updates. “He’s 100% healthy, now I’m 100% happy,” Kendra said of her little man after a visit to the pediatrician’s office.

The former hard-partying Girl Next Door still stays up all night, but now it’s to take care of her baby.  “Up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it,” Kendra said. Thankfully she has been able to reunite with a pal who really perks her up. “man it feels great reuniting with my best friend that i havent seen in 9 months…her name is COFFEE!!!!!!” she said. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Kendra Wilkinson Debuts Baby Hank


Kendra Wilkinson gave birth just five days ago, but already her baby is getting his first magazine cover. Hank Randall Baskett IV posed for the cover of OK! with his former Girl Next Door mama and NFL father. “He’s a perfect baby. I’m very, very happy,” Kendra says.

“I just said, ‘I love you so much.’ I couldn’t stop saying, ‘I love you,'” says father Hank of first meeting his nine pound, five ounce baby boy. No, you did not read that incorrectly: Kendra’s baby is ALMOST TEN POUNDS. So how did the little bundle of joy get so big? “I ate a whole bunch of brownies!” says Kendra. Just to put this in perspective, let’s take a look at some other things that weigh about ten pounds:

  • A horse’s heart
  • A bag of sugar
  • A medium sized bowling ball
  • The average Pekinese

That’s a big baby! [Source: E! Online; Photo: OK!]


Kendra Is Ready For Christmas!


Kendra Wilkinson has a very special gift coming this holiday – her baby boy, who she has already named Hank, and no wonder the Girl Next Door wants to be very ready for her new arrival. The reality star and her husband decorated their new home in Indiana, and the mom-to-be posted a photo of the lit up pad on her blog. “Yesterday Hank and i put our lights up for lil’ Hank’s first Xmas, we’re so excited he’s gonna be here before the holiday!!!! We’re gonna shower him with gifts even though he won’t even know what they are lolol. This is my favorite time of year and i feel so blessed that I’m getting the best present in the world!” Kendra blogged.


Kendra Wilkinson Plays Final Days Of Pregnancy Away


Kendra Wilkinson is keeping busy in the final days of her pregnancy with video games! The former Girl Next Door posted a photo on her blog of her and her very very ripe tummy playing DJ Hero. “I always yell at Hank for playing video games too much but then yesterday Hank and my friend Eddie caught me playing DJ Hero hahaha. It was so funny!!! I’m at the point now where I’m so far along in my pregnancy that I just want to be at home most of the time, so I have to find fun things to do to keep busy. lolol.  Video games can be addicting!” she said.


Kendra Wilkinson Gets A Snuggie


Remember the days when Kendra Wilkinson was running around the Playboy Mansion flashing her boobies at the camera for Girls Next Door? Well, looks like those revealing outfits are gone for the moment, as Mrs. Hank Baskett has apparently slipped into something more comfortable. “Hank came back from the store yesterday and surprised me with the best present ever: A SNUGGIE!!!  I see the commercials all the time and I always want one…it’s so exciting that I have my own now. I think I’m just going to live in this until lil Hank is born lolol,” the pregnant reality star wrote on her blog. But when it comes to her snuggie, Kendra says she won’t be selfish. “I can’t wait to wear my snuggie when the baby comes so we’re both warm!!!haha” Lucky baby! [Source, Photo:]


Kendra’s Candyland Baby Shower


Kendra Wilkinson is about to pop out her baby boy and the E! reality star had a Playmate-studded baby shower to get ready to welcome her new little one into the world. Hugh Hefner, new girlfriends Crystal Harris, and Karissa and Kristina Shannon attended the event. “The girls are going to Kendra’s baby shower today,” Hef wrote on Twitter. “Crystal, the twins, Holly, Bridget & Kendra will all be there. How can I stay away?”

Playboy Mansion secretary Mary O’Connor hosted the Candyland themed event at her home, and former Girls Next Door Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt arrived early to hang blue balloons and blue streamers. One former playmate who was clearly NOT invited: Kimberly Hefner, who Hef filed for divorce from this week after an eleven year separation. [Photo: Getty Images]


Kendra And Kourtney’s Crazy Baby Dreams


Sometimes when ladies get pregnant, those hormones start raging and they can start going slightly loca. Looks like this might be the case with Us magazine cover models, preggers Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson.

Kourtney tells Us that she had a dream that she gave birth to a tiny baby that she kept in her pocket. “But I forgot it was there, so I’d sit down and squish it,” she says. Um, WTF?

Kendra’s hubby also had a bizarre dream which Kendra then ran and told her nurse about. Hank Baskett III, who grew up with cats, had a dream that Kendra gave birth to one. “I’m like, What the f–k? I was so confused, and the nurse was like, ‘Don’t worry, it happens all the time,'” Kendra shares. Meow! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Kendra Wilkinson Slams Hef’s “Whores”


Kendra Wilkinson appears on the cover of the new issue of Us magazine, along with also mommy-to-be Kourtney Kardashian, and the former Girl Next Door has some choice words for the new ladies her ex Hugh Hefner is hanging with. “When the baby’s born, I’ll bring him back to the [Playboy Mansion]. Hef is a huge part of my life, and I don’t care about any other whore there. I care about Hef. He’s a good dad, a great person, and I want my child to be around him a little bit.” Oh snap!

Kourtney and Kendra also dish on their former partying ways. “Right before this all took place, Khloe and I went to Miami to be single, crazy girls having fun, focusing on ourselves. I made out with a girl, and we had a great time. I never would have thought that all of this would have happened to me,” Kourtney says.

Check out the new issue of Us magazine, to hear more about Kourtney and Kendra’s crazy baby dreams, their babydaddys, and their plans for delivery! [Source, Photo: Us magazine]