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Michaele Salahi Not Kidnapped, Snuggling With Journey Guitarist

You can go ahead and cancel the candlelight vigil. For those of you worried about losing hours of sleep over former RHoDC star Michaele Salahi’s kidnapping rumors, it turns out that she’s safe and sound and shacking up with Journey‘s lead guitarist Neal Schon, with whom she used to have a “intimate and passionate relationship.” Hmmm…can you experience an emotion that is equal parts relief and disappointment? Can we call it “pulling a Salahi”?

According to TMZ, despite her husband Tareq Salahi‘s calls to police alleging kidnapping, last night Lady Salahi was watching Schon shred in Nashville and is probably right this moment bugging Steve Perry for hair care tips. “Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together,” Journey’s rep Scoop Marketing confirms. At least this saves Michaele and Tareq the trouble of cutting all those letters out of magazines…we mean, of worrying about Michaele’s well-being anymore.

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Tareq Salahi Claims Wife Michaele Has Been Kidnapped

The Salahi’s are obviously unfamiliar with the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The Real Housewives of DC stars have made names for themselves through absurd publicity stunts, mostly famously crashing a party at the White House in 2009. So now that Tareq Salahi is claiming that his wife Michaele has been kidnapped, forgive us for being a little skeptical. He tells TMZ that he last saw Michaele yesterday morning as she was leaving to get her hair done. Apparently she never made the appointment, and has yet to return.

But the story gets even weirder, as Tareq says he got a call from his wife last night saying that she was visiting her mother’s nearby Virginia home. Yet she allegedly made the call from a strange Oregon number, and her mother-in-law denied that she had spoken to Michaele. Tareq is certain that his wife has been abducted, saying that they have been the target of death threats in the past! The worried husband put in a call to the Warren County Sheriff’s office, who told him that Michaele had already checked in with them and claims to be safe and merely dealing with “family issues.”

But Tareq is far from satisfied. In fact he’s furious with the sheriff’s lack of action, and is convinced that his wife’s captors are forcing her to make calls saying that she is safe. He has since issued a press release saying, “We are asking the public to please be on the look out for her, and if found please contact the authorities.” What do you think of this weird tale? Is it simple family drama, PR mischief, or is Michaele in real danger?

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