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Dane DeHaan Is The “New Vision” Of Acting, And 5 Others Reasons To Be Obsessed

Dane DeHaan is going to win an Oscar someday,” is a thing people keep saying to us over and over again. If you’ve seen any of his recent work it’s impossible to disagree: the dude is GOOD. His new movie Kill Your Darlings is a tragic tale of love and murder connected to the Beats’ quest for a “new vision” of literary pioneers. When we asked Dane and KYD costar Michael C. Hall who they saw as the new vision of actors, Michael pointed right at Dane. BOOM. As if that wasn’t enough here are five more reasons you should be obsessed with the guy.

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Daniel Radcliffe, Kill Your Darlings Co-Stars Fess Up To Their Poetry-Writing Days

Between last year’s On the Road and this year’s Sundance flicks Kill Your Darlings and Big Sur, it’s safe to say the Beat Generation is having a moment. The real mystery to us, actually, is why they’re not always having a moment. Because if you were anything like us in high school, you either went through a phase in which you wanted to be Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac or William Boroughs, or you dated someone who did. VH1 News found further proof that this is a thing when they interviewed the cast of Kill Your Darlings at its Sundance premiere last weekend.

“I wrote a lot of poetry when I was a teenager,” Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a college-age Allen Ginsberg in the film, confessed. What he likes in particular about Ginsberg in the movie, he said, is,”Everyone’s experienced that massive self-doubt. Howl is a poem written by someone who’s terrified that they can’t write.”
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Daniel Radcliffe Made Acting Easy For Kill Your Darlings Love Dane DeHaan

By Melissa Smith

Dane DeHaan is earning rave reviews for his performance in Kill Your Darlings at the Sundance Film Festival, but what audiences there are really talking about is his passionate onscreen kiss with Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a young Allen Ginsberg. We’re talking steamy, sexy, “is it getting warm in here?” stuff.

At the film’s Sundance premiere, DeHaan (known for his work in Chronicle and Lawless) revealed his trick to portraying such a realistic relationship: He fell in love with Daniel in real life. And, as Harry Potter fans across the globe already know, it wasn’t a hard task.

“Whenever you have somebody in a movie that you’re supposed to be in love with, I guess what I do is I look at that person and try to fall in love with them, and I see what about them is incredibly appealing to me,” Dane explained. “Dan’s such a great person; he wasn’t hard to fall in love with, you know? He’s funny, he’s nice, he’s kind, he’s a wonderful artist.”
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Michael C. Hall Plots His Post-Dexter Return To TV

By Melissa Smith

We’re approaching the impending (maybe possible) series finale of Dexter with a mix of excitement and dread. Sure, we can’t wait to see how things will wrap up, but we also know we’ll soon have to go on with life without our favorite characters and actors. Like with most series endings, there will be some sort of twisted mourning period we all must go through.

If you’re like us, you’re already worrying about missing Michael C. Hall after season eight airs this summer. And if you feel an extra twinge of panic at the thought, it might be because Michael has been a major part of groundbreaking television for well over a decade, first portraying funeral director David Fisher in Six Feet Under before moving on to the serial killer we can’t help but love in Dexter. In fact, there hasn’t been a year without Michael gracing our screens since 2001! Who else could make us want to hug a funeral director? Who else could make us want to hang out with a murderer? Please don’t leave us, Michael!

That’s why I had a bit of desperation in my voice at the Sundance premiere of Kill Your Darlings, when I asked Hall if there’s any chance he might sign on to a new series. And what type of roll could live up to the two iconic characters he’s already portrayed?

“I would like to find something that had, you know, someone who was both a murderer and a funeral director. If that comes my way, I’m in,” he quipped. “No. … I’d never say never, you know. Who knows what the future holds? But I’ve been very fortunate thus far.”

Let’s hope the fortune continues. And in the meantime, all you writers out there get to work on some scripts about bloodthirsty morticians.

Michael C. Hall on Dexter

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Daniel Radcliffe Enthusiastically Brings Back The Perm In Kill Your Darlings

By Melissa Smith

There are a lot of firsts for Daniel Radcliffe in his role as beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings. First gay love scenes, first time filming in the U.S., and first PERM! The 23-year-old actor has proved he’s not afraid of taking risks, and we’re sure you’ll agree that this time, the result is adorable.

As soon as we saw the first photos from the film, we became envious of Daniel’s luscious head of curls and couldn’t help wondering what his secret was. So soft and wavy! So dreamy! Don’t you just want to run your hand through it?! So at the movie’s Sundance premiere, we asked him to spill on the secret to his locks and also asked if he agreed it’s the best hair he’s gotten to sport for a role.

“Oh, yeah, [it’s] far and away the best hair I’ve done,” he told VH1 News at the Sundance premiere of Darlings. “I actually really did end up liking it probably a bit too much. I had a perm.”
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Daniel Radcliffe’s Ginsberg Hair Helps Him Shed Harry Potter

We all get how hard it must be for the stars of Harry Potter to find new and exciting roles after the end of their beloved franchise. And brava to Emma Watson for doing so in such a chic way two whole years ago. So it should be none too surprising that Daniel Radcliffe has finally changed up his ‘do. But it kinda is. We got so used to seeing Daniel’s straight hair with bangs — high off the ear, brushed down for Potter, brushed off his face to the side for real life — that it’s a shock to the system to see these photos of him on the set of Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays a young Allen Ginsberg. So much curly hair! Can it possibly be all his? He had a lot of 19th-century bangs and sideburn action for The Woman in Black, so it could be.

Here’s a little retrospective of DanRad’s hair for his various roles. Which is your fave?

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And how happy are you that he’s playing Ginsberg in 1944, not the ’60s-era version of the poet most of us think of?

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