Killing Them Softly

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Rasta, Hit Man, Golden Boy: Brad Pitt Explores Different Looks For Interview Cover

Brad Pitt "Interview" Magazine Cover

There’s a whole lot of Brad Pitt happening in these parts, what with his lame-o Chanel teaser video yesterday and this Interview October-November cover today. We aren’t calling Pitt himself lame, by the way. The decision by the Chanel folks to give us basically nothing in the teaser video, was. But this cover more than makes up for the disappointment mainly due to the amazing photo shoot. There’s a slideshow of some incredible black-and-white pictures of Pitt in different avatars — dread-locked and very sexy, an Hollywood star and a hitman, to name a few. And he rocks every single look. That’s the kind of Pitt we want — lots of him (take note, Chanel.) The interview itself has been done by the actor’s director in Snatch Guy Ritchie — and the two of them have a long chat about Pitt’s new crime film, Killing The Softly. Pitt says it’s not just about crime, though. It’s also a political film, he reveals, saying, “… And what made me laugh and what I think presents so many parallels to politics was that, what these guys in the film were dealing with, wasn’t really the issue itself, but the perception of the issue. It was about getting the perception right so that the people who were making money could continue to make money and everyone else would fall in line as they were supposed to. Again, that’s something that relates to the way that our economy works—and, really, politics itself works. The political discussion in America is very seldom about the issues—it’s often more about the perception of the issues …” Have a read, and then you can go back to looking at the pictures — we promise!

[Photo via Interview Magazine]

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Would Someone Just Give Brad Pitt An Oscar Already? His Killing Them Softly Trailer Demands It!

Gangsters! Tinted aviators! The morality of the underworld! Goatees! Slow-motion…well, slow-motion everything! That shot of Ray Liotta being shoved halfway through a window is enough for us to give the Killing Them Softly trailer an Academy Award nom all on its own. Given all the gritty, stylized violence and ruminating on America, surely it’s enough for Brad Pitt to finally get an Oscar. According to IMDB, Angie‘s husband plays Jackie Cogan, “professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.” Awesome, where do we submit our Oscar ballots? Oh, we can’t? That’s not a thing? Ugh, we hate the Academy.

Okay, so Brad says the name of the movie in the trailer, which is….questionable. But hasn’t he done enough for us already in the past to finally get that statue? Think about it: Moneyball, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Burn After Reading, 12 Monkeys, Thelma and Louise. You name it; Pitt didn’t win an Oscar for it. He didn’t even get nominated for Tree of Life, and that was the most Oscar-y of all Oscar bait movies! At this point, we suspects Brad will have to play a hooker with a heart of gold or star in Rainman 2: Return to K-Mart to get an Oscar. But if not, please let us set side one this year for Brad. It’s time.