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How To Fake Your Way Through a Conversation About Celebrity Gossip at Holiday Parties


-Tara Aquino

Holiday parties are a lot of pressure. They require small talk, and mingling with people you barely know over eggnog that’s probably making you gag. How do you survive the minimum amount of time you must put in (so as not to look like you can’t hang)? Shallow conversation about anything and everything. And most of the time that conversation means celebrity gossip.
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Kim Kardashian And Her Famous Derriere Turn 32 Today: Count Down Her 32 Most Bootylicious Looks

Kim Kardashian and her impossibly round backside are clearly taking over the world one exploit at a time, and we can’t bring ourselves to look away! It’s been almost six years since this reality star(s) busted out on the scene thanks to the sex tape she made with former boyfriend Ray-J. Then Kim and her derriere landed in more respectable households with the  E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. There haven’t been any more X-rated leaks, but Kim has literally bared it all in front of the cameras: From, her brief relationships with NFL star Reggie Bush and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin to her even briefer 72 day marriage to … what’s his name again? Oh yeah, Kris Humphries, and now her six-month and counting relationship with rapper Kanye West. We have even had the privilege of seeing Kimmy from the inside out when she had an X-ray performed on season 6 of KUWTK to prove that her big ol’ booty is in fact real! The 32-year-old has seriously her hand (and rump) in just about everything you can think of. From endorsement deals, to her own perfume and fashion lines, everywhere you turn it seems like Kim and her well-endowed backside are not far behind. So in honor of her 32nd birthday, we ‘re counting down the star’s most bootylicious looks!

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Kim Kardashian Unveils Hottest Candle Ever


Kim Kardashian’s wax figure was unveiled at Madame Tussauds yesterday, causing millions of candles all over the world to feel insecure about their bodies. Kim spent days detailing the creation of the double on her blog and, apparently, it’s not at all similar to when Han Solo got sealed in carbonite (like we had assumed). The real Kim was on hand in New York to check out her completed likeness, which was dressed in a $1000 Herve Leger bandage dress and Christian Louboutin shoes. Naked candles across the country melted with jealousy.

Kim is the latest celeb to be immortalized by the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which recently welcomed Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus and RuPaul into their halls. But she feels that her new, waxy self is in good company. “I would love to hang out with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez,” she told PopEater. “I saw Usher over there, Beyonce. Maybe Beyonce can teach me a dance or two!”

Were sisters Kourtney and Khloe jealous that they weren’t also tapped by Madame Tussauds? “No! They weren’t jealous, they were so excited for me! They were the first people I called when I found out that I was getting this honor.” It’s like a new Kardashian sister! Does the doppelganger hold a candle to the real thing? Let us know!

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