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Kim Kardashian And Her Famous Derriere Turn 32 Today: Count Down Her 32 Most Bootylicious Looks

Kim Kardashian and her impossibly round backside are clearly taking over the world one exploit at a time, and we can’t bring ourselves to look away! It’s been almost six years since this reality star(s) busted out on the scene thanks to the sex tape she made with former boyfriend Ray-J. Then Kim and her derriere landed in more respectable households with the  E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. There haven’t been any more X-rated leaks, but Kim has literally bared it all in front of the cameras: From, her brief relationships with NFL star Reggie Bush and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin to her even briefer 72 day marriage to … what’s his name again? Oh yeah, Kris Humphries, and now her six-month and counting relationship with rapper Kanye West. We have even had the privilege of seeing Kimmy from the inside out when she had an X-ray performed on season 6 of KUWTK to prove that her big ol’ booty is in fact real! The 32-year-old has seriously her hand (and rump) in just about everything you can think of. From endorsement deals, to her own perfume and fashion lines, everywhere you turn it seems like Kim and her well-endowed backside are not far behind. So in honor of her 32nd birthday, we ‘re counting down the star’s most bootylicious looks!

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Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian is 28 years old today! The queen of famous-for-being-famous spent the day with boyfriend Reggie Bush. The football star is stuck in the hospital for knee surgery, but Kim got into the spirit by donning a hospital gown. Sadly, there are no shots from the back.

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“Shy” Kim Kardashian Thrown Off Dancing With The Stars

Kim Kardashian got bounced off of Dancing With The Stars last night, despite scoring higher with the judges than Cloris Leachman (who you know has the senior vote locked). Adding to the awkwardness was that last night was the 5th anniversary of the death of her father, Robert Kardashian. “I just know he’s really happy and watching over me and I made him proud,” she said.

Kim’s asstastic dance to “Baby Got Back” didn’t just make angels weep, either. “This is me, without my sisters and without my family,” she explained to OK! “This was the perfect opportunity to show the real Kim. The real Kim is very shy and reserved and not outspoken and wild and crazy as everyone probably assumes.”

“Shy and reserved,” she says.

Shy and reserved.

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